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Anberlin and The Early November end tour in Atlanta

Anberlin made a stop in Atlanta September 24th at Buckhead Theatre, with support from The Early November. After nearly two years of not touring due to Covid-19, the bands began the short fall tour at the beginning of September, and closed it out with a great crowd in Atlanta.

Emo/punk vets The Early November got the night started with a great set, beginning with “Call Off the Bells” and “Frayed in Doubt,” both from the 2012 album Currents. The rest of the set was largely devoted to 2003’s The Room’s Too Cold, such as “Baby Blue,” “Something That Produces Results,” and fan favorite sing-along “Ever So Sweet.”

Lead singer Ace Enders took a few moments to thank the fans for coming out to the show, reminiscing about the emo/punk wave of the early 2000’s and how even after twenty years, the style of music is still so beloved. “We’re all old now,” he joked, “But I like being old. I get to play these songs for my kids and a whole new generation and they love it.” Anberlin lead singer Stephen Christian made a surprise appearance after the speech to kiss Enders on the cheek in solidarity. The band closed with two songs from its first album For All of This, “I Want to Hear You Sad,” and “Every Night’s Another Story.”

The crowd was ready for Anberlin, which began the set with heart-pumping “We Are Destroyer,” from its tentative “last” album Lowborn, released in 2014. The band announced its breakup that same year, but after five years apart, Anberlin reunited to tour in 2019 and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. With a loyal fan base and an obvious continued love of performing, one would hope not. The band recently released a fantastic new song titled “Two Graves,” which hearkens back to the heavier days of 2003’s Blueprints for the Black Market and proves the band is still capable of opening up a mosh pit, which happened several times during the set.

“Wow, a mosh pit during “A Day Late?” joked Stephen Christian after performing the song, a lighter track from 2005’s Never Take Friendship Personal. “You’re trying to be the best crowd of the tour, and you are.”

The rest of the set included a good mix of tracks spanning Anberlin’s catalog, such as “Paperthin Hymn,” “Someone Anyone,” “Armageddon,” and “Take Me (As You Found Me).” Beloved 2007 album Cities got some love with “Dismantle. Repair.” “Godspeed,” and “The Unwinding Cable Car,” which Christian dedicated to the fans following a heartfelt speech about doing what you love.

“Whatever gives you purpose, passion, or meaning in life, you should go do that right now,” he said. “If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that no one is promised tomorrow. And this right here, being on stage, gives us meaning.”

The crowd sang back every word and remained pumped up for the rest of the evening, which ended much too soon with an encore of “The Feel Good Drag.”

Stream “Two Graves” here:

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Live Photos: Bullet For My Valentine, We Came As Romans and Bad Omens

This past September 27th, Atlanta’s own Buckhead Theater hosted Bullet For My Valentine (visit the BFMV website) on their 2018 Fall Tour for their new album Gravity with guests We Came As Romans and Bad Omens. The venue was packed out with fans eager to see this stacked lineup to kick off their weekend early. Below are some highlights from the show, courtesy of photographer Maksim Sundukov.

Photos by Maksim Sundukov

Photo Gallery – We Came As Romans

Photo Gallery – Bad Omens

Photo Gallery – Bullet For My Valentine


Dashboard Confessional (5)

Dashboard Confessional’s “We Fight” Tour at Buckhead Theatre March 23

Dashboard Confessional’s We Fight Tour made a stop in Atlanta March 23 at Buckhead Theatre, with guests Kississippi and Beach Slang. The tour follows the February release of Dashboard’s new album, Crooked Shadows, which is the band’s long-awaited eighth LP, featuring the current, anthemic single “We Fight.”

Early concert-goers were treated to Kississippi, an indie/folk five-piece out of Philadelphia. Lead vocalist Zoë Allaire Reynolds’ stunning voice had the crowd captured as the band performed songs from its 2015 EP We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, including “This Song Used to be About You,” as well as current single “Cut Yr Teeth,” from the forthcoming album Sunset Blush.

Up next was Beach Slang, also out of Philadelphia, who grabbed the crowd’s attention from the start of their fun and energetic set. Front man James Alex, who described himself as if “Angus Young and Harry Potter had a kid,” led the band through songs such as current single “Dirty Cigarettes” with a spunk reminiscent of 90s-era alternative such as The Pixies. The band even did a throw-back medley to the 90s, with a mash-up of Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy,” Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” and “Where Is My Mind” by the aforementioned Pixies.

By the time Dashboard Confessional went on stage, the theatre was packed with fans waiting to see the unofficial pioneer of emo perform. Chris Carrabba took the stage solo, all smiles as he launched into “A Brilliant Dance”,  the opening track from 2001’s The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most. The rest of the band joined him for “Don’t Wait,” with Carrabba encouraging fans to “whoa-oa-oa” right along with him during the song. The band’s 18 plus year career was beautifully represented for the rest of the set; Places got more recognition with “Saints and Sailors,” and “The Best Deceptions,” while Crooked Shadows held its own with “Belong,” “Catch You,” and “Heart Beat Here.” The band threw it way back with “The Sharp Hint of New Tears,” the lyrics of which spawned the band name, from 2000’s debut album The Swiss Army Romance.

Before introducing the new song “We Fight,” Carrabba took a moment to talk to the audience, letting them know that the song was for everyone, regardless of race, political association, sexual preference or religion. With lyrics such as “We never learned to keep our voices down, no we only learned to shout,” and “We earned what we could from the ground up, try to lift the whole damn crowd up,” it’s the perfect concert sing-a-long with a message.

The band saved the best for last, in true Dashboard Confessional fashion, with back-to-back hits “Screaming Infidelities,” (which the crowd pretty much sang for Carrabba), “Stolen,” “Vindicated,” and the iconic “Hands Down.”



Beach Slang

Dashboard Confessional

H.I.M. bids farewell to Atlanta Nov. 6

Atlanta fans of Finnish rockers H.I.M. (aka His Infernal Majesty) got one last chance to see the pioneers of “Love Metal” perform live at Buckhead Theatre November 6. The band, which has been together for an astounding 26 years, announced in early 2017 that it would be disbanding after an international farewell tour, dubbed the Bang and Whimper Farewell Tour. Fans packed the sold out show, many wearing shirts and other apparel with a “Heartagram,” the band’s signature logo, upon them to show their undying support.

“Buried Alive By Love,” from 2003’s Love Metal, started the expansive set list, which spanned H.I.M.’s career and got the crowd pumped for more as they screamed along to every word. Front man Ville Valo, dressed in his signature head-to-toe black, was all smiles as he sang to his audience, giving them energy and getting it back tenfold. Other fan favorites such as “Your Sweet 666” and “The Sacrament” continued the set, followed by the band’s biggest hit “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly,” from the breakout 2005 album Dark Light.  The beloved cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” was the highlight of the show, while “Gone With the Sin” showed off Ville’s impressive vocal range. Dark Light got more love with “Killing Loneliness,” while 2000’s Razorblade Romance was represented with “Poison Girl” and the song that started it all, “Join Me in Death.”

The band left the stage following “The Funeral of Hearts,” but did not stay gone long before an encore featuring a cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell,” and the perfect send off song, “When Love and Death Embrace.” After uttering the last words to the song, Ville simply held up a hand to say goodbye to the audience while the rest of the band continued to the end of the epic song.

It’s sad to know the band will not be touring again, but this show definitely left its mark on Atlanta fans, who will no doubt always remember the night they saw H.I.M. perform one last time.

Live Photos – Silversun Pickups at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on May 2

New TAM contributor, Ryan Fleisher, was at the Buckhead Theatre on May 2, 2016 and has brought us some wonderful photos from the Silversun Pickups concert. Browse the galleries below for shots of Silversun Pickups and the opening band, Kiev.

Silversun Pickups continue their US tour into the summer. More information on the band, their music and upcoming tour dates can be found at the Silversun Pickups website.

Gallery  – Silversun Pickups


Gallery – Kiev

Melanie Martinez sells out Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre on April 5

Written & Photographed by Danielle Boise

Melanie Martinez 'Cry Baby' Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Melanie Martinez ‘Cry Baby’ Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Melanie Martinez splashed onto the music scene in 2012 as a contestant in the third season of the NBC hit reality show, The Voice, which landed her a record deal with Atlantic Records. Martinez has been able to craft an incredibly eye-opening way of showing us all what lurks behind the pretenses of perfection and shatters that illusion with cleaver hooks and a dreamlike voice. She dropped her Dollhouse EP in 2014, which was then incorporated into her debut album released in August of 2015, Cry Baby. Since the release Martinez has been on a whirlwind tour for to support this incredible project. The 13-track album is not light-hearted fare, but it a gorgeous conceptual album that is the perfect solution to any bad day.

Melanie Martinez 'Cry Baby' Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Melanie Martinez ‘Cry Baby’ Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Martinez finally made her way to Atlanta on Tuesday, April 5, for her sold out show at The Buckhead Theatre with Mainland in support. For a standing room only show, as it was completely sold out, as has been the case with the majority of Martinez’s stops on her Cry Baby Tour. People drove in from all over the southeast, lining up as early as 8 am for a 7:30 pm show, in order to get to be as close as possible to this fast rising star.

What’s so wonderful about The Buckhead Theatre is that while it’s not the smallest venue in Atlanta, it holds approximately 1,500 at full capacity, but has this delightful retro feel – while maintaining an intimate atmosphere, that both the fans and artists truly appreciate and was the perfect place to host the Cry Baby tour.

Mainland opened for Melanie Martinez sold out 'Cry Baby' Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Mainland opened for Melanie Martinez sold out ‘Cry Baby’ Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

The alternative New York-based trio, Mainland opened the show with performing songs off their soon-to-be-released Outcast, out on 300 Entertainment later this summer. This was the masterful blend of music that balanced each other out perfectly for its honest intent and pure moments of connection, conception and poignant lyrics across the board between both Mainland and Martinez.

With a 14-song set list, Martinez pretty much played her Cry Baby album in track order, by starting off the evening by popping out of a crib for “Cry Baby” followed by the powerfully hypnotic “Dollhouse.” The dark illusions of “Sippy Cup” was up next, with the most expressive lyrics being “Kids are still depressed when you dressed them up.” It’s a powerful reflection, mirrored back to us on the context of perception. How perception actually alters the landscape of reality. Yet reality still exists under the context of layers of disbelief, where the lies we tell ourselves only to shout to the world at large live in. It’s a mind-boggling, Melanie’s artistry to her wordsmith skill set to craft a delicious sentiment that translates so accurately. I truly feel she is a voice of a generation that needs to be heard and this is their path to being understood.

Melanie Martinez 'Cry Baby' Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Melanie Martinez ‘Cry Baby’ Tour at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

Of course “Carousel” was up next, you can’t have a Melanie Martinez show without “Carousel.” Followed by “Alphabet Boy,” “Soap,” “Training Wheels,” “Pity Party,” “Tag,” “You’re It,” “Milk and Cookies,” “Pacify Her,” “Mrs. Potato Head” and ended the regular set with “Cake.” For Martinez’s encore she came back out for one final song and end the night on an impeccable note with “Mad Hatter.”

What is so remarkable about Melanie Martinez is there is no pretense, she is a woman who is playing by her own set of rules, and boy are they a glorious set of rules. She is a voice of a generation that is needs to be heard. There is nothing quite like seeing her perform live, as she is fully in the moment and brings us all along for the ride. Martinez is a delightful performer, who is maintains being down-to-earth and earnest. And if you get the chance to see her live, do.


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Michael Franti and Spearhead at The Buckhead Theatre June 24

Over 700 people packed The Buckhead Theater in Atlanta Wednesday, June 24, to experience the feelings of love and togetherness given out at a Michael Franti concert. The night kicked off with a performance by Nattali Rize and Notis a heavily reggae influenced world music group lead by Nattali Rize. Her performance included songs which gave off many spiritual vibes as well as classic reggae music such as her single “Rebel Love.” Nattali ended her performance with a prayer for the crowd.

As soon as Michael Franti and Spearhead took the stage the crowd went crazy; the set kicked off with their hit song “Hey Hey Hey.” Michael then introduced his father, a resident of Atlanta who got cheers for both his military service and the fact that he was one of the scientists on the team that invented the pill. Soon after that, he invited a young girl to join him on stage to sing “The Sound of Sunshine,” as the song was being preformed giant yellow balloons were being thrown about the crowd.

Multiple times during the show Michael left the stage and sung among the crowd, one of these times preforming the song “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like).” After that song Michael introduced two families that have children with advanced stages of life threatening illnesses, and gave shout-outs to the kids’ siblings by name. Michael has a foundation called Do It For The LOVE, which strives to bring joy through live music to individuals battling advanced stages of life threatening illnesses. At points throughout the show, Michael was joined by members of Nattali Rize and Notis. When performing his top song “Say Hey (I Love You),” which reached no. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100, Michael invited many children onto the stage. At the end of the show, Michael gave a special shout out to his bassist Carl Young, whose family was attending the show. From the first words that left Michael’s mouth until the very last the crowd was completely lost in the music.

If you missed the show, you can see Michael throughout the country on the other 28 dates of his Once a Day Tour. Click here to buy tickets to those shows.

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Finch at Buckhead Theatre Oct 19 for Last US Tour





Photos by Danielle Boise


Even though Finch officially disbanded in 2010, occasionally they come out of retirement for shows and are currently out on the Last US Tour. Finch returned to the stage to perform the pivotal What It Is to Burn on Saturday, Oct. 19  for the 10th Anniversary of their acclaimed album in its entirety at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta with Reason to Rebel and Dance Gavin Dance in support.


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