Hozier’s SOLD OUT show at The Coca-Cola Roxy

Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby Tour made a stop in Atlanta March 23rd, selling out the Coca-Cola Roxy.

Fans who arrived early enjoyed a fun, spunky set from opener Jade Bird, who, with just an acoustic guitar and her voice, commanded the stage and had the whole crowd clapping and singing along. Bird was all smiles while performing songs such as the not-so-subtle kiss-off  “Uh-Huh,” as well as “Good At It,” and “I Get No Joy.”

“Where are the ladies?” Bird asked with a laugh at one point, to which the 90% female crowd responded with a loud roar. It’s true that Hozier’s fan base is primarily female, but this may have worked in Bird’s favor, as many of them seemed to enjoy her set.

Hozier, with a plethora of backup singers and musicians, took the stage next, beginning the set with “Would That I,” from his new album Wasteland, Baby. The album dropped recently, but fans already knew every word, singing it back as Hozier traversed the stage with a casual swagger and a smile. The Irish singer kept things going with “Dinner and Diatribes,” and the phenomenal, politically-charged “Nina Cried Power,” also from Wasteland, Baby. Things slowed down a bit for “Someone New,” and “From Eden,” both from 2014’s self-titled album.

“I’ve been writing a lot of love songs for the end of the world,” Hozier said, introducing the title track of the new album. “I think this one falls into that category.” When the song ended, he joked, “I know who I want to be with when the world ends,” eliciting deafening cheers from the crowd.

The performance of the night was “To Be Alone,” during which Hozier’s gravelly, sexy voice paired with percussionists, female backing vocalists, and one hell of a violinist was enthralling to watch, and more so to hear. Though Hozier is best known for his delicate, romantic love songs, there is a lot more where that comes from, with shades of rock, blues, and a lot of soul, all punctuated by his signature voice. Massive hit “Take Me to Church” closed the set with the entire venue singing along to the haunting love song, before Hozier returned for an encore of beloved fan-favorite “Cherry Wine,” and “Work Song.”

Music Midtown 2015 Recap

Photos and Review by Danielle Boise

Friday, September 18 kicked off the 5th invocation of Music Midtown in Midtown Atlanta at the luscious Piedmont Park. Since Music Midtown’s rebirth in 2011, after a lengthy reprieve, it had come back stronger and better each year, with varying lineups and additional stages for the 2-day fall festival to truly bloom into something special. And this year was no different, with a brilliant crossed section of music that had a little something for everyone with a great exposure to not only established acts, like Van Halen, Sir Elton John and Lenny Kravtiz to newcomers to the music scene, like Elle King, Vinyl Theatre and Alessia Cara. From the “Renegades” to “Bad Habits” to “American Woman” and “The Bitch is Back,” you couldn’t have come up with a more clever lineup, even Foy Vance did a cover of Fleetwood Mac to perfection.


Festival goers enjoying bathing in the sun to the sounds of Darryl Hall & John Oats

Festival goers enjoying bathing in the sun to the sounds of Darryl Hall & John Oats


Music Midtown was also an interactive experience, it had the Coor Light Lounge where a DJ would spin tunes while festival goers created their own vinyl art that they could take home. At the Jack Daniel’s booth you could take your chance with a wheel, circa The Price is Right style, and win prizes, including hats, lip balm and sunglasses. Around each corner there were giveaways vying for attention.


Coors Light Lounge #CLreFRESH


As always, the weekend was about the love and expression of music, while being surrounded by friends, and of course determining a plan of action. Figuring out which artist was playing at what time and stage. Devising a blueprint to the day, one that consisted of either being in constant motion by running to catch half of this band to the next or staking out the perfect location at the front of the stage, even if it meant spending the entire day in one spot, to have the chance to be as close as possible to your favorite artist. Regardless of the scheme, running or staying, it was a truly magical time; with the absolute perfect weather in the lower 80s, the aroma of delicious food from the food truck alley to drinks pouring all day long, and of course the memories shared with new and old friends alike. Music is what stitches us together in our lives into one moment to the next; it’s at the center of who we are and I for one cannot wait for next year’s Music Midtown for more memories, music and fun.


Getting lost in the moment.

Getting lost in the moment.


Top Five Personal Moments from Music Midtown 2015

Lenny Kravitz walking out on stage, he’s performance was utterly fluid and totally sexy and it’s Lenny Kravtiz – nothing else needs to be said.

All the deliciousness of Lenny Kravitz making an appearance on the Music Midtown stage, as Kravitz's last stop of his STRUT Tour.

All the deliciousness of Lenny Kravitz making an appearance on the Music Midtown stage, as Kravitz’s last stop of his STRUT Tour.

Elle King, attitude, sass and all the ‘Love Stuff,’ ‘nough said.

Loved Elle King's sass and a mouth like a sailor. What a perfect combo.

Loved Elle King’s sass and a mouth like a sailor. What a perfect combo.

Billy Idol, no one can sneer like the king of “Flesh For Fantasy.”

Nothing is better than Billy Idol's '80s rock'n'roll in all his glory.

Nothing is better than Billy Idol’s ’80s rock’n’roll in all his glory.

Emily Haines of Metric and all her hair blowing around.

Adored Metric's, Emily Haines hair's movement as it floated about - it was pure bliss.

Adored Metric’s, Emily Haines hair’s movement as it floated about – it was pure bliss.

Finally, David Lee Roth and all those tattoos with a cowboy hat, what a wonderful surprise.

Never in a million years would I have imagined Roth moving from his long hair days of the '80s to short hair, tatted up with a cowboy hat. What a delight.

Never in a million years would I have imagined Roth moving from his long hair days of the ’80s to short hair, tatted up with a cowboy hat. What a delight.

Friday Lineup Photos

Faces of Music Midtown

Vinyl Theatre


Tove Lo

Elliot Moss


Jenny Lewis

Alice In Chains


Saturday Lineup Photos

Face of Music Midtown

Colony House

X Ambassadors

New Politics

Alessia Cara

Elle King

Rozzi Crane

 Billy Idol

Icona Pop

Panic! at the Disco

Lenny Kravtiz

Van Halen

Live Review: Hozier and George Ezra at Atlanta’s Tabernacle

Review by Katie Flint, Photography by Danielle Boise

Last Friday (Friday the 13th of all days!), Ireland and UK’s Hozier and George Ezra played together for a sold out crowd at Atlanta’s famous Tabernacle. This show has been sold out for months, so being able to review this show was probably the biggest treat for me this week. I knew the big songs by these two singer/songwriters, but it was the lesser known songs by each are what melted me. My friend Diane and I went together, and headed upstairs into the mezzanine of the Tabernacle. As much as we would like to be in the pit downstairs, we decided we wanted to sit down and enjoy the music, and we did just that.

George Ezra was up first. I was personally more excited for him than I was for Hozier. After watching his SNL performance, I wasn’t sure how he would be live. Anyway, George Ezra comes on and starts playing his first song “Cassy O” and immediately the women in the audience are in love. He can play a guitar very well, but the boy has some pipes. And normally a so-called “attractive singer” from my perspective has been a tenor/baritone when it comes to vocal section. I’m pretty sure George Ezra is a bass because he can hit those low notes.

He started playing “Listen to The Man” and he started to open up more the audience. He must have been nervous, but that’s okay; he was great anyway. What was really nice about his performance was that there wasn’t a lot of material, but there was a lot of context in his material. His first album was all about his travels in Europe, hence the namesakes “Barcelona” and “Budapest.” The story behind “Budapest” was pretty funny, and as a person he just seems like a good kid doing what he loves.

He ended is surprisingly short set with an extended version of “Did you Hear The Rain?” which started with a long a capella intro, showcasing that voice as golden as his hair. Everyone in the venue was about to bow down to that voice. We were definitely not worthy.

Hozier was up next. His set up was a lot bigger than George’s, which included also a cello, synths and two backup singers. I wish that we had just him, but knowing his inspiration from choral music, the backup singers of different octaves made sense.

He started his set with “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene” which changed the atmosphere of the concert from upbeat acoustics to a passionate blues-rock show. With every song that Hozier played, everyone around me went nuts, which was good for him, but for me it was a little overwhelming. I wanted to just sit and relax to the beautiful music.

As he went through his set, one thing I noticed is that he didn’t talk much in between songs. He only really talked before “Someone New” and “In A Week” where it had to do with love. Which indicates where a good percentage of his music may be stemming from, but whose music isn’t?

He ended his initial set with his biggest hit, “Take Me to Church” and everyone stood up to give praise to Hozier. As he left, he got ready for a long four-song encore. The encore included an intimate performance of “Cherry Wine” paired with an homage to his cover from BBC One Radio, “Problem” by Ariana Grande. I felt like I was one of the few that noticed that he added a hint of “Regulate” by Warren G while singing “Problem.” Well played, Hozier.

The show as a whole was a perfect example on how successful these two gentlemen have become. If you didn’t get a chance to see Hozier last night, he’s coming back in May! He’ll be playing May 8 at Chastain Park Amphitheater a little further out from the city. You can get tickets here.

Full Photo Gallery of Hozier

Full Photo Gallery of George Ezra