Album Review: “Banished By Sin” By Deicide

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Deicide finally did it. The diabolical death metal outfit has released its thirteenth effort, Banished By Sin. Six years have passed since the band released Overtures of Blasphemy and the band has a new guitarist in Taylor Nordberg. However, the gap and line-up changes have not dulled the band’s satanic intensity. This is readily apparent on the opening track, “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall,” with its cautious build-up that abruptly kicks in to high gear. Kevin Quirion and Taylor Nordberg unleash intense chainsaw riffs with virtuoso leads while Steve Asheim’s drumming is seamlessly brutal. The more straightforward “Doomed To Die” is reminiscent of the band’s In The Minds of Evil album from 2013. The rolling tempo keeps the head moving and Glen’s guttural vocals are in full effect on this track. “Sever The Tongue” opens with a monolithic stop-start riff appropriate for a demonic procession. This is another dynamic track with its mid-tempo galloping riff and chaotic guitar solos.

“Faithless” has an almost black metal feel with the dissonant clean riff before the band speeds things up. It is one of the thrashier tracks on Banished with gut stabbing riffs and pugnacious blast beats. “Ritual Defied” is notable for its unique composition of groove and manic drumming, without coming off as awkward. The title track is another terse number that avoids monotony due to the bludgeoning riffs and grandiose drumming. The final three tracks on Banished close the album in hellish glory. Glen’s bass is audible (gasp!) on the short but progressive “Trinity Of None.” “I Am I…A Curse of Death” has a bombastic staccato riffing, and the final track “The Light Defeated,” features shredding leads that could wake the dead.

Banished By Sin is a composite of every era of Deicide: The Hoffman Era from 1987-2004, Jack Owen/Ralph Santolla (RIP) Era from 2006-2011, and the band’s present era. Tracks like “Bury The Cross With Your Christ” and “Doomed To Die” are straightforward and mid-tempo. Then there are the faster, complex songs like “Woke From God,” “Trinity Of None” and “The Light Defeated.” This makes Banished an diverse listen that will invoke nostalgic feelings for fans new and old…school. No track reaches the four minute mark, making for a somewhat brief listen at 39 minutes. This is good, as Glen and crew don’t outstay their welcome. The guitar work is extraordinary as Quirion and Nordberg play well off one another. Deicide produced the album with Josh Wilbur doing the mixing. The drums sound particularly strong while not drowning out the guitars or vocals.

Deicide sounds rejuvenated on Banished By Sin, and Taylor Nordberg’s presence probably has much to do with that. The stellar musicianship and songwriting showcase all that we love about this legendary band. Fans can rejoice that the band still has it after all these years. Banished By Sin is a must listen for all fans of extreme metal. Let us hope we do not have to wait six more years for another album.

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