Dethklok @HOB Myrtle Beach

The Mutilation on a Spring Night Tour @HOB Myrtle Beach

I recently attended the opening night of the Mutilation on a Spring Night tour and it was an electrifying night to remember. The concert featured three heavy metal bands: Nekrogoblikon, DragonForce, and Dethklok.

Nekrogoblikon kicked off the night with their unique blend of melodic death metal and goblin-themed lyrics. Their stage presence was full of energy and their performance was nothing short of impressive complete with Girly Pop dancing! They had the crowd chanting along with their catchy choruses to songs like “Dress Like Goblins” and “No One Survives”.

Following Nekrogoblikon, DragonForce hit the stage and immediately got the crowd’s adrenaline pumping with their fast-paced guitar riffs and powerful vocals. They performed a mix of old and new hits, including “Power of the Triforce” off their latest album Warp Speed Warriors. They closed out their set with “Through The Fire And Flames” which gave me flashbacks to Guitar Hero III! DragonForce’s stage presence was dynamic and engaging, making it hard not to get lost in the moment.

Lastly, Dethklok closed the night with their explosive performance and intense stage presence. Their heavy, dark sound filled the venue and the crowd went wild. Dethklok’s set was full brutal visuals which brought the band to life in an electrifying atmosphere. The band’s frontman, Nathan Explosion, connected with the crowd, making them feel like they were stepping into an episode of Metalocalypse only this time the Audience Survives!

Overall, the Mutilation on a Spring Night tour was a night to remember. All three bands delivered unforgettable performances that left the crowd in awe. It was a true celebration of heavy metal music and the fans who love it.

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