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Tori Amos Charms Red Rocks Amp 7.17.23

It’s a rare feat for a single person to command a crowd of ten thousand people, but Tori Amos did just that at her concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre July 17th. Armed with her piano and keyboards, backing drummer Ash Soan, bassist Jon Evans, and one hell of a voice, Amos charmed the audience from the start, opening with “God,” from 1994’s Under The Pink.

The set continued with a great variety of songs from Amos’ impressive catalog, including the fantastic “Ocean to Ocean,” (from the 2021 critically acclaimed album of the same name), “Girl,” “Big Wheel,” and the captivating “Crucify,” which was a slow build toward Amos passionately declaring “I’m never going back” repeatedly, with the crowd singing it right back with fervent enthusiasm.

“It’s nice to be back here among these healing rocks,” Amos mused, as if having a casual conversation with the audience. Although Red Rocks is a huge place, the performance was incredibly intimate, the vibes in the crowd calm, relaxed, and happy, transfixed by Amos’ incomparable piano skills and majestic voice. As someone who has been to many concerts, it was nice to see the audience paying attention and truly listening to the music, rather than talking or scrolling on their phones.

“It’s time for some requests,” Amos said with a grin as the backing band left the stage. “Graveyard” started the solo set, which continued with “Icicle,” and “Silent All These Years,” requested by yours truly (and I’m sure many others!). 

With the band back on stage, the set continued with “Climb,” “Mother Revolution,” “Spring Haze,” and the beloved “Hotel,” which was the first time Amos had performed the song live since 2009. “Waitress” ended the incredible set, before the crowd demanded more and Amos returned to the stage to close things out with “Precious Things,” and of course, the iconic “Cornflake Girl.”

Should you get the chance to see this tour, prepare yourself for an enchanting, one-of-a-kind night of nostalgia from the one and only redheaded queen of the 90s, and don’t forget to sing along!

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