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Photos and Live Review: Banshee Season Tour @ Credit One Stadium 08.02.23

Last night’s concert at the Credit One Stadium in Charleston, SC was absolutely amazing! The Banshee Season Tour featuring Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows was a fantastic show for a summer night!

Dashboard Confessional’s live performance was absolutely incredible! The lead singer Chris Carrabba had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he performed hits like “Hands Down” and “Screaming Infidelities”. But the highlight of their set was when Carrabba’s son Caden Carrabba joined the band on stage to play drums during their hit song “Vindicated”. The father-son duo had the crowd cheering and clapping along, making it a truly unforgettable moment. The energy in the stadium was electric, and it was clear that everyone was having a fantastic time.

Next up was Counting Crows, who brought their signature sound to the stage with classics like “Mr. Jones” and “Round Here”. Lead singer Adam Duritz was in his element, captivating the audience with his powerful vocals. The band’s energy was infectious, and the stadium was alive with excitement as the crowd sang along and danced the night away.

Overall, the Banshee Season Tour was a great night of music that I won’t soon forget. The Credit One Stadium was the perfect venue for this show, and Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows both put on incredible performances. If you get the chance to see this tour, don’t miss it!

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