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Cheer Up Dusty Just Released A New EP

Philadelphia, PA four-piece alternative rock outfit Cheer Up Dusty has released their latest EP Don’t Take It Personally, Take It Seriously. The six song EP showcases the band’s continued growth and maturity, branching out beyond it’s pop punk roots.

For songwriter and vocalist Justin Humenik, the EP represents a turbulent time in the band’s existence. “When I personally listen to it, it’s just a story of that 2-3 year period and how we were dealing with the our personal lives during a very turbulent time the world was in,” he explains. “Each song leads to the next and the listener can get into the mindset they were with us during these years.”

Even recording of the EP it wasn’t easy or as the band planned, with scheduling proving to be difficult amid a shifiting lineup. “We all went in at different times to do our parts. There was the stress of having a new member and one semi retiring playing on it, etc. It was tough honestly but in the good way. Once we were done we were all left feeling accomplished. Now the insecurities settle of everyone hoping the response is what we feel it could be.”

The EP Features the singles “Legacy”, “Blackbox Theater”, “Murphy’s Song”, and “SGTV”. The EP was produced by Pete Zen, and assisted by Mikey Lince. You can check out the full EP now on Spotify and check out the video for “Legacy” below!

Cheer Up Dusty is an electrifying four-piece rock ensemble established in 2019 by vocalist Justin Humenik. The band’s distinctive sound is characterized by forceful vocals, irresistible hooks, and robust instrumentation, as demonstrated in their popular release, “Everybody Hates Me.”

The band’s inception can be traced back to Justin Humenik using music as a therapeutic outlet. Early on, he collaborated with Nick Silvidio, now the band’s rhythm guitarist, to produce their debut EP. However, the pandemic temporarily halted their progress. Despite the setback, the band eventually welcomed bassist Pat Desiato and released engaging music videos in support of their work. Amidst the pandemic, Cheer Up Dusty launched their second EP, “A Collection of Singles,” and joined forces with guitarist Brayan Marin.

In March 2022, the band made waves with their unforgettable single, “Everybody Hates Me,” which garnered widespread attention across the Northeast. Soon after, Caleb Kerr joined as a full-time drummer, solidifying the band’s lineup. Cheer Up Dusty then went on to support GoalKeeper and Driveways during a spring weekender, eventually headlining the Homies Tour alongside Promise Game.

Fans of Turnstile, Driveways and Magnolia Park will love Cheer Up Dusty, as they aim to showcase their most introspective and mature work to date, reflecting their artistic growth and unwavering dedication to their craft.

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Cheer Up Dusty Is:

Justin Humenik – Vocalist
Brayan Marin – Guitarist
Nick Silvidio – Rhythm Guitarist
Caleb Kerr – Drummer
Pat Desiato – Bassist

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