Scott Adsit: At home at Dad’s Garage

Frequently Dad’s Garage Theater Company welcomes visiting performers, and this weekend they welcomed Scott Adsit. Many people know Adsit from his work on 30 Rock as Pete Hornberger, his role as Baymax in Big Hero 6, his Adult Swim Shows Moral Orel and Frankenhole, or his ubiquitous presence on TV as that “guy from that show.” However, Adsit began in live comedy in Chicago with Second City and loves returning to his live theater roots. He particularly loves working with Dad’s Garage because he loves “going to places and doing improv with people who love it.”

I got to see Scott August 9 for his Friday night shows.

See Scott Adsit Live at Dad’s Garage August 10, 2019.

Tonight’s performance showed just how well he worked with local performers. Alongside the local cast, Adsit moved with lightning speed as they created comedy live. Improv has no scripts or preparation. Adsit rattled out one-liners, comebacks, and navigated through ridiculous situations. He took to the stage with comfort, as if he was grabbing lunch with an old friend and picked up a conversation that had just been interrupted a few days back. Then took the audience up on stage with him.

Dad’s mainstay Whittney Millsap hosted the evening. Tom Rittenhouse, Megan Leahy, Anna Giles, Maged Roushdi, Freddy Boyd, and Cole Wadsworth provided the laughs for the audience. Both Giles and Roushdi were coming from the recent revival of Wrath of Con at Dad’s Garage. And, because Scott Adsit has been included in a character in the Marvel Universe, he was also joined on stage briefly by Dradpool, portrayed by costumer Ryan Taylor.

As Adsit recently told this writer, improv is “writing on water.” It’s difficult to capture individual beats because the comedy was so fast, and one joke melted away from memory as we begin to laugh at the next. Through the entire show, the audience laughed convulsively at every gag that worked and occasionally groaned when a bit fell flat. Improv, they say, is about the process and not the joke.

The performance was exhilarating, and the energy was so contagious! I chose to stay for the second show after filing this review.

Dad’s Garage Theater Company has been called Atlanta’s premiere improv company. Established in 1995, the company has stayed together during moves and growth and has built a new home for itself in an old church on Ezzard Street, just off Edgewood Avenue. Tonight’s show clearly showed how tight a company they are.

There are two more shows scheduled for Saturday night. If you enjoy comedy and laughing, you owe it to yourself to get down to Dad’s and see Scott Adsit.

See Scott Adsit Live at Dad’s Garage August 10, 2019.

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