Devin Townsend Project at Baltimore Soundstage


Lions, and tigers, and poozers, oh my!

The first time I was given the honor of photographing a show, from the pit, with a legitimate photo pass, was last September at The Fillmore Silver Spring for the co-headlining duo of the Devin Townsend Project (DTP) and Between The Buried And Me.  So when I heard that DTP would be coming to Baltimore Soundstage on November 30, I immediately felt drawn to document this show.  Delivering a smattering of offerings covering the newest release, Transcendence, all the way back to Ocean Machine: Biomech, fans were fed treat after treat.  Devin’s ability to skate across the spectrum of heavy to light, all with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, led to a wonderful night of heavy metal comradery.  Here are our shots of that evening.

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