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Anberlin and The Early November end tour in Atlanta

Anberlin made a stop in Atlanta September 24th at Buckhead Theatre, with support from The Early November. After nearly two years of not touring due to Covid-19, the bands began the short fall tour at the beginning of September, and closed it out with a great crowd in Atlanta.

Emo/punk vets The Early November got the night started with a great set, beginning with “Call Off the Bells” and “Frayed in Doubt,” both from the 2012 album Currents. The rest of the set was largely devoted to 2003’s The Room’s Too Cold, such as “Baby Blue,” “Something That Produces Results,” and fan favorite sing-along “Ever So Sweet.”

Lead singer Ace Enders took a few moments to thank the fans for coming out to the show, reminiscing about the emo/punk wave of the early 2000’s and how even after twenty years, the style of music is still so beloved. “We’re all old now,” he joked, “But I like being old. I get to play these songs for my kids and a whole new generation and they love it.” Anberlin lead singer Stephen Christian made a surprise appearance after the speech to kiss Enders on the cheek in solidarity. The band closed with two songs from its first album For All of This, “I Want to Hear You Sad,” and “Every Night’s Another Story.”

The crowd was ready for Anberlin, which began the set with heart-pumping “We Are Destroyer,” from its tentative “last” album Lowborn, released in 2014. The band announced its breakup that same year, but after five years apart, Anberlin reunited to tour in 2019 and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. With a loyal fan base and an obvious continued love of performing, one would hope not. The band recently released a fantastic new song titled “Two Graves,” which hearkens back to the heavier days of 2003’s Blueprints for the Black Market and proves the band is still capable of opening up a mosh pit, which happened several times during the set.

“Wow, a mosh pit during “A Day Late?” joked Stephen Christian after performing the song, a lighter track from 2005’s Never Take Friendship Personal. “You’re trying to be the best crowd of the tour, and you are.”

The rest of the set included a good mix of tracks spanning Anberlin’s catalog, such as “Paperthin Hymn,” “Someone Anyone,” “Armageddon,” and “Take Me (As You Found Me).” Beloved 2007 album Cities got some love with “Dismantle. Repair.” “Godspeed,” and “The Unwinding Cable Car,” which Christian dedicated to the fans following a heartfelt speech about doing what you love.

“Whatever gives you purpose, passion, or meaning in life, you should go do that right now,” he said. “If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that no one is promised tomorrow. And this right here, being on stage, gives us meaning.”

The crowd sang back every word and remained pumped up for the rest of the evening, which ended much too soon with an encore of “The Feel Good Drag.”

Stream “Two Graves” here:

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Anberlin’s final Atlanta Show at Center Stage Nov. 22

Atlanta said goodbye to alternative rockers Anberlin at Center Stage Nov. 22, one of the last dates of an extensive final tour. Earlier this year, the band surprised many by announcing that it would be breaking up after twelve years together, promising the release of a final album and one last world tour. Front man Stephen Christian assured fans that this decision was mutual with all members of the band and that they simply wanted to end things on their own terms rather than burn out somewhere down the road. Anberlin’s final album, Lowborn, is a reflection of that desire with an eclectic mix of songs unlike anything the band has ever done before.

It was Anberlin’s older material, however, that took the spotlight during the final show in Atlanta, as “Paperthin Hymn,” from 2005’s Never Take Friendship Personal opened the show with the crowd screaming along to every word. “We Owe This To Ourselves” kept the night going without missing a beat as Christian darted across the stage with incredible energy and a smile that never left his face. The band’s 12 year history was well represented in the set, from “Readyfuels,” their very first single from 2003’s Blueprints for the Black Market, to “We Are Destroyer,” from Lowborn. Songs from the band’s beloved 2007 album Cities seemed to get the most love from the crowd, with “A Whisper and a Clamor,” “Godspeed,” “Dismantle. Repair.” and “The Unwinding Cable Car,” which had them singing so loudly they drowned out Christian’s vocals.

The highlight of the evening was just after “(The Symphony of) Blase,” when Christian noticed that someone in the crowd had just proposed to his girlfriend. “You do realize that song is about a break up, right?” he joked with the couple. They told him that the first time they ever kissed was at an Anberlin concert five years before and Christian took this to heart and decided to dedicate “Inevitable,” which was not actually on the set list, to them. He even modified lyrics to, “Will you marry me tonight?” It was a beautiful and heartwarming performance for everyone present, but one that the couple will surely never forget for the rest of their lives.

“The first time we ever played in Atlanta, I knew we had made it,” Christian told the crowd between songs. “We were playing between (heavier bands) but you guys welcomed us. This is all because of you.” The night continued with “Impossible” and “A Day Late” before fan favorite “The Feel Good Drag” closed the set with the entire venue on their feet jumping and screaming along. The band came back out to perform “fin,” the beloved closing track from Cities. Lyrics from the song “Harbinger,” which is about the band’s decision to break up, found their way to the end of the song with Christian repeating earnestly, “We’ll live forever,” as fans held up their hands with fingers crossed in the symbol of the band as if they agreed completely.


20th Annual Vans Warped Tour in Atlanta July 24

The Vans Warped Tour made its stop in Atlanta July 24, 2014, at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, drawing in droves of punk rock kids (and their parents). The Warped Tour is celebrating its milestone 20th year, and the festival continues to grow and evolve, never failing to provide punk rock’s biggest acts on the bill and also give the unknown up and comers a chance to shine. This year’s Warped featured nearly 100 punk rock/pop and metal bands, including veterans such as Anberlin, Mayday Parade, Less Than Jake and Yellowcard, as well as bands new to the scene such as The Summer Set and We The Kings.

Though the day was sweltering and the threat of rain hung over Lakewood, bands playing on the uncovered stages gave it their all. The first band I caught on the Warheads stage was Cute Is What We Aim For, a veteran of the festival. The band, formed in 2005, kept the crowd pumped during a performance that included “Newport Living,” “Practice Makes Perfect” and “The Curse of Curves.” A short rain shower didn’t faze lead singer Shaant Hacikyan, who strolled along the edge of the stage thrusting his microphone into the crowd for them to sing along.

Back inside the amphitheatre, punk veterans Yellowcard took the Kia Soul stage, launching right into “Lights and Sounds,” from the 2006 album of the same name. The band, out of Jacksonville, Fla., took the crowd through a diverse set that included hits “Light Up The Sky,” “Awakening,” and arguably the band’s most popular song, “Ocean Avenue.” Lead singer Ryan Key and violinist Sean Mackin did their part to keep the crowd jumping and singing along to every word and their energy was probably the best of all the bands performing. Yellowcard has been performing together for nearly 20 years, but the band is obviously still loving every minute of it. Drummer Nate Young is spending a busy Warped Tour playing drums for both Yellowcard and his own band, Anberlin. He pulled off every Yellowcard song effortlessly, making his way to the other side of Lakewood to play with Anberlin shortly after.

2014 is Anberlin’s last year together, as the band announced earlier this year that it would be breaking up, but releasing a final album and going out on a final tour. Fresh off the release of that album, Lowborn, the band drew what was likely the biggest crowd of any act performing at Warped. Anberlin took the Warheads stage, launching right into “Feel Good Drag,” the band’s biggest hit. Lead singer Stephen Christian was a non-stop energy, keeping the crowd riled up, fist pumping and singing along through a set that included “Self-Starter,” “Breaking,” and new song “Stranger Ways.” Christian let the fans know that Anberlin would be performing in Atlanta one more time (at the time, no Atlanta date had yet been announced) to enormous cheer, and that he and the other members of the band would be signing immediately following its set. Anberlin closed out the set with fan favorite “Paperthin Hymn.”

Shortly after, a massive storm rolled over Lakewood, shutting down the outdoor stages for nearly an hour due to lightning. While a lot of people left after this, the diehards made their way to the covered Amphitheatre for sets from Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, Enter Shikari and The Summer Set. When the rain finally stopped, fans ventured back outside, even though many of the later sets were cut short due to time.

I caught alternative/punk act The Maine on the Warheads stage, who gave its all despite a fairly small crowd. The band, out of Tempe, Ariz., had a short set that included “Right Girl,” “Into Your Arms,” and “Run,” from the newest album, 2013’s Forever Halloween. Frontman John O’Callaghan dominated the stage, encouraging fans to sing along and jump with him. After only four songs, O’Callaghan informed the crowd that the band only had one minute left since the set was cut short and the band launched into a teaser of “Girls Do What They Want,” which had the crowd briefly dancing and singing along and definitely left wanting more.




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