Album Review: “Make Them Beg For Death” by Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus - Make Them Beg For Death [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Bone White w/Splatter LP] | RECORD STORE DAY

Dying Fetus return with another lesson in brutality on its ninth outing, Make Them Beg For Death. The Maryland trio’s unique blend of technical death metal with a spoonful of groove is on full display. Album opener “Enlighten Through Agony” bursts through the gate with chainsaw riffs and relentless blast beats. The tempo shifts from fast to faster before briefly slowing down during the track’s midsection. “Compulsion For Cruelty” commences with a slick arpeggio before kicking into a nasty groove. The band is lockstep as John Gallagher lays down some smooth, but chunky riffs. There are several seamless rhythm changes but the band stays right in the pocket. The groove is interspersed with speed bursts and blast beats to keep things fresh. “Feast of Ashes” is a contorted monster with lumbering guitar riffs and tempo changes. This is a prime example of controlled chaos as the band throws out thrashing riffs, virtuoso guitar leads and those pummeling drums.

“Raised In Victory/Razed In Defeat” is another pugnacious tracks that is notable for its dynamics syncopated guitar/drum parts. The machine gun breakdown at the halfway point is icing on a gore soaked cake. “Subterfuge” appropriately concludes Beg For Death as its sweeping riffs and plodding drums feel like a spy hurrying out of a building to avoid capture. The track’s final half briefly recalls mid-period Napalm Death with its grooving tempo before grinding to a halt.

Brutal cohesion is a fitting description for Make Them Beg For Death. Dying Fetus are masters of its craft after 32 years together and it shows in the musicianship and songwriting. This is a dynamic record that is technical and not vice versa. The guys do not waste time performing lengthy guitar leads and drum solos. Instead, they write three and four minute songs that showcase their musical prowess while also bludgeoning you and move on. This album is 37 minutes long and does not outstay its welcome.

Dying Fetus show its still at the top of the death metal pile in 2023. There are more technical bands out there, but none of them have honed the technical, violent groove that Dying Fetus have refined for three decades. Make Them Beg For Death is a must for fans of the band and death metal in general. Hopefully it does not take another six years for the band to release a record.

Check out the band’s official website here: https://dyingfetusband.com/

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