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Card Reader Released Their Latest Single

Long Island, NY emotional hard rock band Card Reader has just dropped their newest single, the hard hitting rocker “My Own Path”. The song mixes the melodic and gutteral aspects of the harder side of emo and post-hardcore and features additional vocals form Tom Accamondo.


“This song is about survival,” explains vocalist and guitarist Tom Petito. “When destined to forge your own path in life you have to fight for it. You must never give in to opposition. Believe in your own abilities whole heartedly. Embrace taking risks and trust yourself relentlessly. Apply that mentality and the only person capable of stopping you from reaching your goals will be yourself. ”


Listen to the song on Spotify now:

“My Own Path” was produced by Nik Bruzzese and features guest vocalist Tom Accamondo (@senselesshc) “This release is special to us because we got to work with Nik Bruzzese, Tom Accamondo and Sean Ageman,” explains Petito. “We love filming with Sean because he brings his own innovative concepts to the shoot. He always does a phenomenal job bringing the best out of us. Tommy absolutely killed his vocal spot on this track. I’ve known Accamondo for a long time and watched his music career blossom with Senseless. So it’s a really nice treat featuring him on a Card Reader release. We love to push the boundaries of our sound. We’re stoked to give fans a new song with more animosity than ever before.”


The song is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Along with the single the band has released a music video, directed by Sean Ageman (@washedupmedia) Listen to the single now on Spotify or on YouTube below:



Card Reader is an established Emo/Hard Rock band from
Long Island NY. The lineup features Dan Reynolds
(Drums), Marc Lambert (Guitar), Dan Boest (Bass) &
founder Tom Petito (Guitar/Vocals). The band’s debut
single “Familiar Voices” released back in February 2020.
Ever since Card Reader have spent their days pushing
new music and traveling the country. Playing everywhere
and anywhere across the northeast, midwest and as far
south as Cape Coral FL. Their new single “My Own Path
(feat. Tom Accamondo)” is the first single launched from
their upcoming sophomore EP “No Stranger” (Release
Date: 9/15/23). Produced by Nik Bruzzese (Man
Overboard) at Gradwell House Recording Studio. This
track offers a transformed aggressive sound that CR fans
have yet to experience. Featuring a hard hitting vocal
collaboration from Senseless frontman Tom Accamondo
(@senselessHC). Director Sean Ageman
(@washedupmedia) has also returned for his 3rd video
with the band. With plenty of experience & firepower on
deck, Card Reader stands ready to make their mark on
the music world this summer.



Card Reader Is:

Tom Petito (Guitar/Vocals)
Dan Boest (Bass)
Dan Reynolds (Drums)
Marc Lambert (Guitar)

Connect With Card Reader:

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