Between The Buried and Me

Photos and Live Review: The Parallax II: Future Sequence Tour @ Music Farm 6/16

Between The Buried and Me kicked off The Parallax II: Future Sequence Tour with Thank You Scientist and Rivers of Nihl at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC June 16th, 2023. The venue was packed with fans eagerly awaiting the bands’ arrival, and the energy in the air was palpable. 

The show began with Rivers of Nihil taking the stage. The Rivers of Nihil is a technical death metal band hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania. They are known for their complex and intricate compositions, which feature a blend of black, death, and progressive metal. Their live performance was a sight to behold, featuring a dynamic stage presence and virtuosic musicianship. The band members are all highly skilled musicians, with each member bringing their unique style and energy to the stage. I loved the intensity that brought to the room and seeing them for the first time was truly unforgettable, with the band creating a palpable energy that electrifies the crowd. Rivers of Nihil’s commitment to their craft is evident in every note they play, making them a must-see act for any metal fan.

I was excited to see Thank You Scientist take the stage again from the first time I saw them tour with Coheed and Cambria back in 2014.  Thank You Scientist is a progressive rock band from New Jersey that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Their music is characterized by complex arrangements, unconventional time signatures, and a wide range of instruments including horns and strings. Their live performances are a true spectacle, with each member of the band delivering a virtuosic performance. The energy on stage is infectious, with the band feeding off each other’s energy and the audience’s enthusiasm. Their shows are truly memorable experiences, with the band’s technical proficiency and showmanship creating a truly electrifying atmosphere. If you’re a fan of progressive rock or just appreciate skilled musicianship, a Thank You Scientist show is not to be missed.

As the lights dimmed, Between the Buried and Me took the stage to thunderous applause. They wasted no time launching into their set, which was nothing short of incredible. Between the Buried and Me is a progressive metal band from North Carolina that has been active since 2000. Their music is characterized by complex song structures, technical proficiency, and a blend of various sub-genres of metal including death metal, progressive metal, and mathcore. Their live performances are renowned for their intensity and musicianship, with the band delivering a high-energy and technically demanding performance. The band’s setlists often feature long and complex songs that showcase their musical abilities and technical prowess. This setlist was a perfect mix, the crowd responded with enthusiasm to every song. Highlights included “Lay Your Ghosts to Rest,” “Astral Body,” and “The Black Box,” all of which were performed with a level of precision and passion that left the audience in awe. Their performance was a jaw-dropping experience, with the band’s intricate compositions and virtuosic playing creating a truly mesmerizing atmosphere. If you’re a fan of technical and progressive metal, a Between the Buried and Me show is definitely worth checking out.

Overall, Between The Buried and Me’s The Parallax II: Future Sequence Tour was an unforgettable experience. Each bands’ musicianship, stage presence, and energy were all top-notch, and the crowd was fully engaged throughout the entire night. If you have the chance to catch this tour, I highly recommend it. Check out the upcoming rest of the dates for the tour!

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