Album review: “Bloodlines” by Pyramaze

Danish power metal quintet Pyramaze deliver a dynamic batch of metal on its seventh album Bloodlines. The title track is an instrumental that opens the album. It starts with a mysterious piano melody that is joined by string samples and bombastic drums. It sets things up for the first ‘proper’ track “Taking What’s Mine,” with its meaty guitar riffs and grooving rhythm. The song’s dynamic composition is supplemented with some minor orchestral elements, giving it an epic scope.

The galloping “Fortress” maintains the adventurous spirit of the album with its sweeping guitar riffs and bassist Jacob Hansen’s vocal passages of war and fire. The chorus is “You’ll have to wear the crown/you’ll have to show them once and for all/ that they can never tear you down.” Total sword and sorcery fare. “Even If You’re Gone” is a standout track with its rocking introduction and orchestral elements under some crushing guitars. The urgency of the vocals adds to the strive for optimism during a time of sadness. Heavy metal princess Melissa Bonney provides guest vocals on the ballad “Alliance.” Her vocals shine here and the tranquil strings make this a strong track. “Stop The Bleeding” shows a distant Paradise Lost influence with the melancholy strings and Terje Haroy’s vocals. Bloodlines concludes as it began with an instrumental, titled “Wolves of the Sea.” It is a gripping track, worthy of inclusion on a motion picture soundtrack.

The production of Bloodlines deserves immediate praise. The album is clear and one can hear all of the added symphonic elements which heightens the listening experience. The songs are straightforward but maintain a degree of technicality and progressive composition. Bloodlines does not cross the 45 minute mark, and Pyramaze makes its mark in that time.

I appreciated Bloodlines after several listens. The dynamic compositions, guitar work and symphonic elements provide twists and turns throughout the album. Blood is vital and it is certainly circulating on this record.

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