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UNIITY Releases Abrasive, Empowering New Single

Heart Riot client, Electro punk musician UNIITY has released their newest single, the edgy, hip, and aggressive “One-Step (Closer To The Edge)”. Lyrically, UNIITY uses her experiences as an LGBTQ+, POC woman to craft an anthem of empowerment for those who have experienced abuse and racism in their daily lives.

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge) is a glimpse of my unapologetic and raw anger towards the complexities of being a black woman in the music industry and hints at the abuse I and many single mothers in my community encountered,” explains Raven Clark, the brainchild behind UNIITY“The constant belittling remarks, racism, over-sexualization at a young age, and the lack of credit is just the surface of the things I, and many other musicians of color, constantly battle. It’s the final answer to the question of ‘What happens when your cup has spilled over?’ “

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge)” is the first step of an album rollout cycle for UNIITY‘s upcoming debut album, HER TEETH, released May 12, 2023. It was produced by Phyuture Phyx (Joshua Hall), sickboy (Shay Magleby), Raven Clark (Unity) and features band member William Blake. Along with the single, there is a planned music video released in December, filmed by Trigger Happy Production.

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge)” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch on YouTube below.

UNIITY is the new, genre-warping, Avant-punk brainchild of Raven Clark, a Philadelphia-raised artist currently based in Cleveland, OH. Her mission and legacy is the unification of the emerging scene of independent, LGBTQ+, POC women in punk. Raw, gritty, and experimental- UNIITY pushes the boundaries of what is considered punk music, pulling as much influence from hip-hop and techno as from black metal or hardcore. Distorted electronic beats and massive ambient guitars support gut-punching vocals that can range from hissing to singing to unclean screams that seem impossible for her small stature. 

UNIITY’s EP titled, HIIVES is a collection of 10 works chosen from a much larger unreleased discography for their themes of personal sacrifice, death, hopelessness and the ever present struggle that accompanies being a woman of color living in poverty. HIIVES was released in March of 2022 following the conclusion of her first tour at the age of eighteen. UNIITY‘s debut album titled, HER TEETH showcases the new works of UNIITY under a mature and polished spectacle. Taking influence from artist such as Zheani, Boy Harsher, and N8NOFACE, “HER TEETH” is a more evolved sound from her first EP. 

In just under two years, nineteen-year-old UNIITY has gone from attending basement shows on the streets of West Philadelphia to building bridges and a strong community for young punks of color in multiple cities such as Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Baltimore. Garnering most of her attention from having shared the stage with the likes of White Ring, Sect Unit, Kris Baha, Mvtant, Trace Amount, and many more.

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