(the) UnSlept Unleash Debut Album ‘Bad Chapters’

Toledo, Ohio grunge rock outfit (the) UnSlept has just dropped their debut offering, the 10-track album Bad Chapters. The band has spent the last year perfecting the album at Mohawk studio with Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley at the helm. For (the) UnSlept, the emotional, thematical density of the debut is the result of years of living, loving, losing, and learning how to navigate the entanglement of the human condition.

Bad Chapters is truly a rattling junket that rudders through the abyss of rock and roll. “Bad Chapters represents those learning moments of life which are unavoidable,” says the band. “It’s the moments that give you an appreciation for the good things in life. We carefully composed this album to light the way and become a spirit guide to those going through those very bad chapters right now.

The album was preceded in rollout by the lead single “Soul 4 Sale”, featuring lead vocalist Dan Cain’s world-weary rasp, a flanged-out bass riff, and some overall great musicianship, all wrapped up in a true radio-ready stoner rock stomper. Lyrically, the track is about the balance between doing what’s right and doing what feels good in the moment. “Soul 4 Sale is about that situation we all seem to find ourselves in at one point or another when you just know that you shouldn’t be there,” explains the band. “It’s like you’re always three steps towards the door but there’s just something that keeps you from crossing the threshold. So against your own better judgment and self-preservation, you do the thing that is the worst for you in the pursuit of happiness.” 


Originating from Toledo, Ohio, (the) UnSlept has carved out a special sound all their own full of rock & roll soul, elements of grunge, and dirty folk, with hints of angry southern heavily layered with dynamic tones. This three-piece has constructed a sound that rings full and deep allowing them to each express their inner workings. Dan Cain delivers carefully crafted lyrics with a gritty, powerful vocal wail while double-dealing rhythms and leads on guitar. J Dale Bailey brings the thunder with his mysterious resonant bass tones and rumbling swagger. Measure by measure (the) UnSlept’s uniform, yet magnetic cadency is fueled by Matt Austin’s booming drum technique. 

Most recently (the) UnSlept has continued grinding away writing new material that continues to flow out of the group. They remain committed to hitting the stage at every opportunity to share their perspective with new fans. They plan to hit the podcast and radio circuit to share their story and broadcast the infectious fervor which is the music they have created. “We didn’t make this album just for the sake of creating music, it is crammed full of experience, heartache, and lessons and we try our best to make sure that the emotion is the part of the song that you hear first and foremost.” 

(the) UnSlept has an album release show at Howards Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio on July 30th. Bad Chapters is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to “Soul 4 Sale” on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below.


(the) UnSlept Is:

Dan Cain- Guitar/Lead Vocals
Matt Austin- Drums/Back up Vocals
Justin Bailey- Bass/Back up Vocals

Connect With (the) UnSlept :


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