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HALF HEARD VOICES Releases New Single, “Sounds Of Panic”

Half Heard Voices is an American progressive metal band founded in Frederick, Maryland. The group’s sonics treat the user to a myriad of ambient guitar harmonies and clean vocals, then quickly transition into a barrage of riff-driven discord. Their latest single, “Sounds of Panic”, has just dropped, and it’s a banger. ” ‘Sounds of Panic’ was the first song we tracked for our sophomore EP,” says the band. “We’ve always thought of it as our hardest-hitting song live and love closing with it. That being said, we loved the idea of a live video compiled of clips from various shows to showcase the raw energy of this track.”

Half Heard Voices teamed up with DEDPIXEL MEDIA for the video. “Half Heard Voices in full effect!” exclaims Travis ‘Skip’ McGregor of DEDPIXEL.“That was the goal in making this video for “Sounds of Panic”. With an ending so visceral, this was the perfect track for which to capture live footage. Shot from both my perspective as videographer and from the perspective of the crowd with some guerilla cellphone footage. If you want to know what kind of energy these guys bring to the stage, this is the showcase.”  

Originated in 2019, the group comprises of new singer Alex Conner, guitarists Dillon Baird and Jeremy Sabine, bassist Stefan Sandman, and drummer Patrick Firestein. The track is from their forthcoming EP, titled Twelve Way War, due out on July 8th. The EP is the first body of work showcasing Half Heard Voices with their current singer. explains the band. Naturally, a new voice changed how we approached songwriting, arranging, and even tuning,” explains the band. “Due to this, we expanded outward into both heavier and lighter sounds on these tracks. The listener might hear more ethereal sections, along with low tuned open A-string moments, than our previous release. We’re forever proud of these tracks and the time we invested into them.”


Half Heard Voices is following up the release of the single with their first festival performance at Rock Fest 2022. “Sounds Of Panic” is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to the single now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube.

Half Heard Voices Is:
Alex Conner – Vocal
Dillon Baird – Guitar
Patrick Firestein – Drums
Jeremy Sabine – Guitar
Stefan Sandman – Bass

Connect With Half Heard Voices:


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