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DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl

DCxPC Live has announced the release of DCxPC Live Vol 5: Grave Return and The Hamiltons. The album was recorded at a party thrown by DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live is a Florida based label that exclusively issues vinyl releases of live albums.

For Grave Return, a punk act from the suburbs of Orlando that has opened for notable acts such as The Damned, Agent Orange, and Radolescents, the album was just about getting together with friends in the name of fun. “Although we always very much appreciate when anyone is interested enough to listen to us or watch us play a show, at the time we recorded this it didn’t matter much,” explains the band.  “It was during the middle of a pandemic apocalypse and we were hanging out with a few friends, annihilating brewskies and having fun. That’s all that was important at the time.”

On the flip side of the vinyl is a set from The Hamiltons “The recording came about as a party with homies that moonlighted as a live recording,” adds The Hamiltons. “We decided to release songs on this label because it is run by friends and brothers. DCxPC throws a great shin-dig and we walked away with a buzz, full bellies, laughs, and a record. If people enjoy it half as much as we did recording it then mission accomplished.“

The album is limited to 150 copies, and it’s printed on opaque red vinyl. It includes a download card for a third unreleased live track by Grave Return that is not on the album. The album was recorded by Danger Room Recording Studios.

Listen to Rocket Summer (Live) from the album on Spotify now!

As for DCxPC Live, future releases in the works are The Goons Live from the Black Cat in DC, Ratchet Boys Live Ska from Baltimore, Ann Beretta (acoustic) Live at the Broadberry in Richmond, Some Kind of Nightmare, RATH and the Wise Guys, The Kutoffs, Noxious Profit, Our Escape, Fortitude, Call in Dead with their new singer, and more!


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Grave Return:
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Apple Music: Grave Return

The Hamiltons:
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