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Kaleo Brings the Blues to Atlanta March 30th

It’s been a while since Kaleo played in Atlanta, and plenty of devoted fans came out for their show at the Tabernacle on March 30th, ready to experience the blues/rock band in person.

Opener Myron Elkins and The Dying Breed got things started with a short but rousing set that included songs from the EP Just Another Asshole With a Guitar, such as “Lesley,” “Greater Good,” and “P.T.S.D.” 20-year-old Myron has a voice much grander than his years (a bit reminiscent of Marc Broussard) that demands attention, and the music pays homage to classic country and blues.

“Break My Baby,” the current single from Kaleo’s most recent album, 2021’s Surface Sounds, got things started with lead singer “JJ” Sons (real name Jokull Juliusson) signature soulful, gravelly vocals accompanied by two female backup singers and percussionists as well as the rest of the band. Sounds accounted for about half the set, including “Alter Ego,” “Backbone,” and the cinematic “Brother Run Fast.” The other half was devoted to tracks from Kaleo’s 2016 breakout album A/B, with “All The Pretty Girls,” the dark chain-gang style “Broken Bones,” and what has come to be Kaleo’s most popular song, “Way Down We Go.”

The highlight of the set for me was “I Walk On Water,” which began with JJ sitting down at a piano with only his voice, and steadily building to include the entire band, filling the Tabernacle with its large, anthemic echoes. The crowd was left wanting more as the band briefly left the stage before coming back to play “No Good,” which had the whole place shaking and singing along.

Kaleo is currently on The Fight or Flight Tour with Myron Elkins, although opening bands will change at some stops. Check out the dates below to see Kaleo in your city!




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