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Ours Celebrate 20 Years @ Smith’s Old Bar 3/9/22

Ours recently began an extensive tour in support of its self-titled album, with select cities also getting a bonus of hearing the band’s first album, 2001’s Distorted Lullabies, in its entirety. Atlanta happened to be one of those lucky cities on March 9th.

There was a buzz of excitement throughout Smith’s Old Bar when I arrived, with fans already claiming their spots up against the stage in anticipation of hearing the beloved album. I overheard a couple of fans discussing whether or not they should risk leaving the room because they didn’t want to miss “Fallen Souls,” the opening track of Distorted Lullabies. I couldn’t blame them; that is the best song on the album, my favorite, and even Jimmy Gnecco’s favorite.

With 2001 being further in the past than one might like to admit, hearing this album in full was an awesome nostalgia trip for me, and that’s not just because it’s my all-time favorite. Tracks like “Medication,” “Dancing Alone,” “I’m A Monster,” and “Here is the Light” are among those the band hardly ever plays, and it was my first time hearing them live instead of spinning in my old 3-disc cd player. Jimmy’s voice is a thing to behold, and while he admittedly held back on certain songs to protect his voice, it was still phenomenal.

The highlight of that set was definitely “Meet Me in the Tower,” before which Jimmy joked with the audience that they had to tweak it “so the girls can sing along.” The band also shared a shot of tequila beforehand and toasted with the crowd. 

Distorted Lullabies isn’t a particularly long album, but the band came prepared with stellar tracks from the current self-titled album, such as “You Are The Answer,” “Spectacular Sight,” “Gold,” and “Echo.” There was a noticeable shift in energy as the band played the newer songs, which are much more uplifting and anthemic than Ours’ previous work. The track “Fly” in particular showcased how well the current band members play together.

Former members of the band, Static and Race, were both present as well to play guitar on several tracks, including the crowd-pleasing “Murder,” (which also featured the amazing James Hall on trumpet and backup vocals). “Kill The Band” was an unexpected treat toward the end of the set, as was “Fall Into My Hands.”

After 20 years as a band, Ours has grown into completeness with the new record, and one thing is for sure: you will not find a better live band out there.

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