Headcanon Games Releases Polyhedron Episode 045: “Are Those Fangs?”

Headcanon has released the latest Polyhedron podcast. This time on Polyhedron…

“Slaves to infinite recursion, we return to the topic of ‘Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition.’ The Alpha playtest rules have been unleashed, and we get into the weeds of picking them apart. We battle our Hunger and wrestle with our fading Humanity, all while debating the relative merits of a scuffed leather jacket versus a crimson cravat with lace trimming. That’s a lie, none of that happens. We did have to pause recording for like 20 minutes to get Ryan off the bookcase, though, so I’m pretty sure he got a bad Compulsion roll. Spray-paint your windows and crank the Sisters of Mercy, Polyhedron is on the air!”

Check out the podcast here.

The unwashed rabble of the Headcanon crew sit down with some microphones and deconstruct role-playing games in order to figure out why we like them so darn much. The topics may change from episode to episode but each one will rotate around the axis that is this eclectic little genre of pop entertainment. So sit back, relax, and put on those headphones as we look deep into the multifaceted world of RPGs.


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