Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

Hey, everyone, this is Tillman, the Co-Owner, and EiC of TAM.

A few years ago when my wife and I purchased TAM from Ellen, we made the choice because of the opportunities it provided us and our contributors. Also, keeping the magazine going has been a way for me to keep my brain occupied while stuck at home due to disabilities that forced me into an early retirement from my chosen career.

One of those said opportunities is covering Dragon Con and interviewing guests at the show.

If it were not for the amazing staff at the Dragon Con Media Relations and Disability Services teams, my wife and I would have stopped being able to visit Dragon Con many years ago.

So, I want to take a moment to publicly thank both of those groups, and call out two specific people: Our friend and fellow TAM contributor, Dragon Con’s Media Relations Director Dan Carroll, and Samantha Douglas, the Dragon Con Interview Room Manager.

For years these two wonderful people have helped TAM (and me personally) get interviews with people like Terry GilliamGigi Edgley, Brian Henson, UnwomanFrank Ippolito and Timothy Zahn.

Finally, one little public service announcement regarding my fellow Dragon Con attendees with disabilities:

If you see someone in a wheelchair waiting for an elevator, be a hero and try to ensure they get on the next elevator, even if it means asking others to vacate to make room, or offering up your spot. While it may feel a bit frustrating to you, to the person in the wheelchair, you are most likely going to end up being the “nice person at the elevator” in the story they tell their friends a few minutes later. There are lots of ways to be a hero to others.

If you are at Dragon Con this weekend, just please be kind and considerate to all of your fellow attendees. We are ALL here to have fun, and karma has a great way of almost instantly rewarding you for kindness and selfless acts.

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