CD Review: “Tremendum” by Hate

Militaristic drums open Hate’s newest release, Tremendum. “Asuric Being”, which serves as the initial track and single, is a cacophony of blast beats and discordant guitar riffs that sounds as triumphant as it does pessimistic. This feeling of demonic victory continues on “Indestructible Pillar”, which is more death than black metal. The song is relentless as drummer Pavulon beats his kit in to the ground. “Numinosum” is filled with unpredictable riffs that create an aura of mystery which fits the song’s lyrics. Numinous means something of a religious quality or the presence of divinity. Thus, the open ended song structure complements the spiritual and philosophical concepts in the song. However, the band gets back to business on “Fidelis Ad Mortem” with its harsh structure that advances like a horde on an unsuspecting village. “Into Burning Gehenna” is notable for its descending riff which paints a picture of humans falling in to the depths of hell. This infernal number rises and falls like a sea of flames and is a standout track.

Tremendum will be compared to Behemoth’s past few records. However, this should not surprise anyone. Both bands hail from Poland and formed in the early Nineties. Both bands also play blackened death metal, although Behemoth enjoys greater critical acclaim and popularity. It is unfair, but people compare things they think are similar. That being said, this album does not eclipse Behemoth past few releases, however that is not a bad thing. Tremendum is a brutal slab of blackened death metal with progressive elements. The musicianship is top notch and the songwriting is very good. Hate continue to improve as musicians and take chances.

Tremendum is another solid record for this band. Still, Hate has not yet matched Behemoth in terms of the latter’s vision and songwriting. However, Tremendum is a good release in its own right that will satisfy the band’s fans. Let us hope that whatever evil spirit that is possessing this band is not exorcised any time soon.

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