CD Review: “Crossover Ministry” by Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan return with a new album, Crossover Ministry, after a three year gap. Crossover Ministry shows the band continuing to spread the good news of hardcore infused metal music. It is not groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it sure is fun. “You Never Learn” is rife with manic drumming and caustic riffs that is a throwback to Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. It is 43 seconds of all out intensity that ends as quickly as it begins. The longest track on Ministry is “Dead With My Friends,” which clocks in at over 3 minutes. The haunting piano is drowned out by sludgy guitars before hurrying to catch up with the drums. There is a brief but unspectacular guitar lead that fills the track well. “Condition Evolution” is a circle-pit inducing number with its beefy midsection and minor breakdowns. “F*ck The Neighbors” has several blast beats sprinkled throughout the track to break up the laid back groove. The title track is the perfect tune for a night of partying and thrashing with your buddies. Its stop start composition stops the listener from settling into a groove, and it works. “Bleed The Fifth” is a nice slow song that provides breathing room before the onslaught of “Megachurch.” “Megachurch” is a clear tribute to Suicidal Tendencies with its nasally vocals and its subject matter on religious hypocrisy. Album closer “Twist Your Fate” is one of the more progressive tracks on this record with its technical riffing. It ends the record with a headbang.

Crossover Ministry is a solid lesson crossover thrash metal. Iron Reagan’s members are veterans in the thrash scene, playing in groups like Cannabis Corpse, Darkest House and Municipal Waste. The band also wears its influences on its sleeve. When you listen to this record you hear Stormtroopers of Death, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and Cryptic Slaughter. The speed, groove and punk inspired drumming are all present. As stated earlier, the band is not treading new ground. However, it does not have to because its refining an older sub-genre. The production is clear with the guitars and drumming blasting from the speakers.

Thrashers both old and young will appreciate Crossover Ministry. It is 18 tracks and 30 minutes of spastic but precise thrashcore that should satisfy anyone’s speed fix. The band certainly spreads the good news on this album, and we can be thankful for that.

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