Eve 6 plays at Atlanta’s Masquerade June 5

A few hundred people filled Hell Stage at The Masquerade this past Sunday, June 5 to be transported back to the early 2000’s with Eve 6.  The night kicked off with an entertaining performance by Atlanta-based rock band Tired Magic. Their head-banging music got the night off to a great start.

Next to take the stage was Christina Holmes; her acoustic set blew me and the entire crowd away. Christina combined multiple genres of music including: Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Rap with acoustic rhythms to create a unique and powerful sound. Her set included many original songs each with its own individual impactful message. She also preformed a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire” and had the entire crowd singing along. Christina’s performance went over, but ended with the crowd chanting for more.

The final act to perform before Eve 6 was OZ, a California-based punk rock singer/songwriter. OZ’s set was trippy, in a good way. His music and the stories behind them drew a picture for the audience of moments in OZ’s life.

Eve 6 then took the stage to the roar of the crowd, which began singing along as soon as the first lyric was sung. Their set included songs off of all four of their albums. Including: “Victoria” off of their 2012 album Speak in Code, “Think Twice” off of their 2003 album It’s All In Your Head, “Promise” off of their 2000 album Horrorscope, “Leech” off of their self titled 1998 album, and much more.

Max Collins, the band’s lead-singer, shared the stories behind many of the bands hits throughout the set. They closed out their set with their hit song “Inside Out.” The band also performed a two song encore which included “How Much Longer,” the first track on their first album. After their performance, the band went over to the merch table and signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

If you missed the show, you can see Eve 6 throughout the country on their 39 other tour dates this summer. Visit the band’s official website for ticket information.

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