Live Review: Caravan Palace takes over Masquerade May 28

Droves of people flooded into the Masquerade on Saturday, May 28, for the highly anticipated Caravan Palace and Lab Rabbits show. Outside, people gathered in their smoking huddles with puffs of smoke pervading the night air. Momo Con attendees were seen in their cosplays waltzing about with peoples’ phone cameras capturing the moment. There were even some flow artists out demonstrating their craft with a hula hoop and some pod poi. Eventually, the wide mix of attendees filed up the staircase to heaven and claimed their spots for the night. Lines formed at the bar and merch booths. The walls were even lined with eager attendees. The night was primed for some electro swing.

To kick off the night, Lab Rabbits took the stage. Once called Random Rabbit, the band pushes the music frontier with their organic, gluten-free electronic music. Well, maybe not gluten-free, but definitely a new sound that I would put as a cross between Shpongle and Ratatat. Their set was delayed due to technical issues. However, Lab Rabbits turned their light test into an audience pleaser with the crowd chanting “blue, blue, blue” before any note was played. Despite their show running late, Lab Rabbits put on one heck of a set, ending with a 15 minute improvised jam.

At the end of Lab Rabbits, the crowd hardly budged from their spots. Granted, there was the filing out of bathroom goers, smokers, and drinkers, but the anticipation for Caravan Palace grounded the audience in place. There was an announcement made about an electro swing after party that was responded to by whoops and hollers from the crowd. Jazzy music filled heaven while everyone waited for the headliner to come out.

Caravan Palace took the night to a new level. Opening with “Comics” and “Lone Digger” from their new album Robot Face, the crowd lit up and turned heaven into a dance floor. One patron Ty commented that he “had heard ‘Lone Digger’ before, and although it is a solid jam, seeing it live blew [him] away.” Honestly, he couldn’t have been more right. Seeing the seven-piece ensemble take the stage is a breathtaking experience that brings their music to life. Caravan Palace went on to play through their set including their hits “Panic,” “Rock It for Me,” “Tattoos”, and “Mighty.” The entire time the floors of heaven were vibrating to the groovy beat that was Caravan Palace, from the killer vocals of Zoé Colotis to the sexy saxophone playing of Camille Chapelière. As expected, the encore was killer featuring the songs “Star Scat” and “Brotherswing.” One attendee, Liz, said the music was “infinitely danceable.” This was apparent as the audience matched Caravan Palace’s energy and moxy all the way to the last note.

This being Caravan Palace’s debut in Atlanta, they killed it. And what a better place to play than the glorious and soon to be gone Masquerade. It was a pleasure seeing Caravan Palace turn heaven at the Masquerade into a swing dance club, if only for one night and Lab Rabbits for getting the crowd primed for a swinging night in Atlanta.

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