Interview: A Sound Of Thunder

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The first time I encountered A Sound Of Thunder, it was live at the Empire NoVA in Springfield, Va.  My thoughts at that time were ones of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath, all rolled into one band!  I quickly bought up their music and have been following their work ever since.  I even reviewed one or two…and then another.  So with the release of their newest album, Tales From The Deadside, a concept record that follows the Shadowman comics from Valiant Entertainment, I knew it a great time to request an audience with this class act.  To my pleasure, they obliged!  Join me, if you will, as I speak with vocalist Nina Osegueda and guitarist Josh Schwartz as we discuss their new LP, its charting on Billboard alongside groups like Ghost and the Scorpions, as well as their love of geekdom!

As always, check the video description for a complete table of contents to navigate the interview.

Buy Tales From The Deadside from: iTunes | Amazon | From The Band (currently $4 for Digital)

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