The Red Paintings’ Debut Album, The Revolution is Never Coming CD Review

Photo Courtesy of Susan Weingartner



CD Review by Danielle Boise


Dark, dramatically embellished theatrical style marks the signature sound of five-piece band The Red Paintings on its debut full-length album release The Revolution is Never Coming, out on Sept. 30 from The End Records. Deathly sentiments are romanticized on this art rock composition, drawing together everything from elements of industrial to punk with bouts of rock to sparks of alternative, all while bringing grandeur of orchestral pieces into the mix for each song.


The Revolution is Never Coming starts off with the hauntingly sublime “Vampires Are Chasing Me”; there is an intensity and longing to this track. “Dead Children” has an urgency and underlining need pulsating throughout the entire song, whereas, “Dead Adult” feels as if it’s from the turn of the century in England, with an old, ominous feel to it. But it’s “You’re Not One of Them” that really draws the listener in into the world of The Red Paintings.


Each song on The Revolution is Never Coming effortlessly flows into the next, as this thematically album is to consume and simultaneously be consumed by the listener. Once you start listening to The Revolution is Never Coming, you won’t be able to stop. It’s driven and heady with powerful resolve. Trash McSweeney brings art to life on The Revolution is Never Coming.

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