The Assembly Line’s The Places We Leave Behind CD Review




CD Review by Danielle Boise


Across blend between Dashboard Confessionals and the Gin Blossoms encapsulated The Assembly Line’s sound. Leaving behind the past and moving forward is the thesis statement of The Assembly Line’s fourth EP, The Places We Leave Behind, which was released on Sept. 17. The Assembly Line introduced the evolution of their new sound, expanding into a different direction with the 5-track EP, by making a sweet, alternative pop rock EP known as The Places We Leave Behind.


The Places We Leave Behind starts off with a feeling of elation as Thornfin Nguyen sings “the world is ours tonight” on “Tonight (There’s Only Us).” “The Tide” truly showcases Nguyen’s charming voice. While “Photographs” is enjoyable, it blends a smidgeon into the background with a bit of fragility, compared to the other tracks on the EP. “Just Kids” dares you to let go and just be. And the last track on the EP, “Empires,” brings the listener full circle to great heights.


While all the tracks on The Places We Leave Behind are emphatically enjoyable, it’s a true toss-up between “The Tide” and “Empires” to which one holds my heart more. They both provide a balance to the EP.


All I can say is take The Assembly Line’s The Places We Leave for a spin.

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