The Falls Hollywood EP Review

The Falls

CD Review by Danielle Boise


Simon Rudston-Brown and Melinda Kirwin comprise of the band The Falls. The Australian duo’s simple, folky quality has a 60s throw back vibe mixed with a sound similar to The Civil Wars, yet maintains their own identity as they are set to release their debut EP, Hollywood on Sept. 17 stateside.


The six-track EP is chock full of wisdom that only comes after a significant painful period in a person’s life. The lyrical composition is both emotionally charged, stark, haunting, while being transparently beautiful, as the singer-songwriters project the sense of love and loss inside a passionate relationship that ultimately just doesn’t work. The evolution of the relationship is fully seen in Hollywood. As former lovers, friends and partners share the journey of their ever personal story with the listener.


With such raw honesty and intent, Hollywood is both heartbreakingly painful, yet there is a sweet joyousness in the melody. All of the tracks are compelling, but it is “Hey” and “Hollywood” that stand out and dominate the EP, leaving their mark on your subconscious.


If you are a fan of bands like The Civil Wars, Of Monsters and Men or Passenger, then Hollywood this is definitely an EP that you will want to take a spin with. After all, who hasn’t had their heart broken at least once in their lifetime?

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