Restating The Question Debut Album from The GoAround Out Now

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CD Review by Danielle Boise


A blend of Cody Shivers, Melodime and a twinge of Gin Blossoms, The Pennsylvanian brothers, Alexander and Anthony Saddic, make up the alternative pop-rock duo The GoAround. The brothers released their debut album Restating The Question independently on Aug. 10. Restating The Question brings together a streamlined effect of alternative rock and mesmerizing lyrics with 12 tracks that swell vocally, and are driven by a passion that is matched by the enthusiastically originality of the songs.


Restating The Question starts off with a campfire sing-song-along feel to it, with “Make it Loud,” which is more like a declaration of appreciation. I think everyone can relate “When I Hit The Bottom” of wanting someone there to catch us when we fall. Librettos like “I’m so scared of facing myself” makes a real connection to the listener.


“I Ran” is a pulsating sensation with powerful soaring vocals and a driven beat that meshes well with the lyrical content. But it’s really “Her Love Is Like Glass” that is by far my favorite track on the album, providing a sensitive side to the brothers with a sweetness that is very reminiscent of Gin Blossoms’ “Follow You Down.”


Then there is “Overtaken,”  which has a theatrical vibe with lyrics like “This is where I need to be” combined with piano keys and propelled by drums. The harmony and chorus is is exquisite with “I’m overtaken.”


Overall Restating The Question does not disappoint as a debut album, it sets the mark for what we can expect from The GoAround in the future.

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