Photo Gallery: Living Colour at The Masquerade in Atlanta

The following photos were taken by Charlie Halloway at the February 8, 2015 at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. Living Colour is currently on tour, with these remaining dates:

Date Site City Buy Tickets
12-Feb-15 Tally Ho Theatre Leesburg, VA [Buy Now]
13-Feb-15 Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT [Buy Now]
14-Feb-15 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY [Buy Now]
15-Feb-15 Tupelo Music Hall Londonderry, NH [Buy Now]

For more information on Living Colour, visit the band’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Mick Fleetwood talks ‘Reflections’ in Roswell, Ga. Dec. 16

12-16-14 Mick Fleetwood Reflections Photo Exhibit @ Ann Jackson 038 tag

Photos by Danielle Boise

“I’ve always taken pictures.” Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood, founding member of Fleetwood Mac, shared his thoughts and perspective on his way of making art as he attended his Reflections photo exhibit at Ann Jackson Gallery in Roswell, Ga., on Tuesday, Dec. 16, the day before Fleetwood Mac’s sold out show at Philips Arena in Atlanta, to an eager crowd of art and musical aficionados.

Fleetwood spoke about making art through still frames. Even feeling under the weather, with a fever of 103, Fleetwood was charming, comical and charismatic as he discussed his philosophy behind his photographic eye.

“This is all personal work. I don’t paint, so I try the best I can to make a balanced piece of art,” Fleetwood said as he exclaimed to the 200 plus in attendance at the gallery’s event.

Reflections is a deeply personal project of Fleetwood’s, as it focuses on the life that he has made for himself and his family in Hawaii, primarily still life and landscape photography; which suit who he is and where he is at technically with his skillset. Fleetwood spoke of how his type of still life photography is very different in retrospect to live, action shots of athletics or even events like race car driving. His work is “technically” still life, but there is movement and energy captured in each piece. “This takes time to do it, to set up,” he said to the crowd, which allows for moments of reflection. Fleetwood spoke genially of his father’s insistence of capturing everything on film, that moments mattered and needed to be preserved. “I encourage people to take pictures.”

What I found most interesting on Fleetwood’s point of view on the creation of art is that art can be created in a vacuum, a vortex so to speak, but art is more than just doing something nice and creative. It needs to be fostered in an open exchange with the encouragement of feedback. And that is exactly what Fleetwood is doing, sending his art out into the world and enjoying giving something back while taking the responsibility for it.

Mick Fleetwood’s Reflections photo exhibit will run through Sunday, Dec. 21 at Ann Jackson Gallery in Roswell, Ga.

Photo Gallery of Mick Fleetwood’s Reflections Photo Exhibit

Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens

By Danielle Boise



Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

The Grammy award-winning quartet, Carolina Chocolate Drops enthusiastically blended together folk and bluegrass with a ease and love of history as they seamlessly flowed from genre to genre. Played songs from 1855 Civil War times to covering Estelle Water’s 1929 “No Man’s Mama,” then in the next breath “Cornbread and Butterbeans” with joyful exuberance .



Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

Of course any chance you get to see Carolina Chocolate Drops live is always a pleasure, but seeing the band perform at The Melting Point in Athens with the punkgrass married duo, Grace and Tony opening to a standing room only was the ultimate experience for fans.


Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

The Melting Point’s stage is low, allowing for an intimate atmosphere – making the venue a cross between a listening room and a small club space. Absolutely by far my favorite place that I’ve seen Carolina Chocolate Drops perform to date.


Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

I can honestly say that I every time I have seen Carolina Chocolate Drops perform, it has left me speechless and in tears at the sheer intensity that Rhi evokes. She literal bespelled the audience with each note, by far the cover of Odetta’s “Waterboy” left me breathless and overwhelmed with emotion as tears spilled from my eyes.


Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

Seeing Carolina Chocolate Drops is always an elated experience of immense jubilance, leaving one with a feeling of connectedness as Rhiannon Giddens , Hubby Jenkins, Malcolm Parson and Rowan Corbett expansive covers and originals envelops the audience with passion as they explore the history and education of folk music and the prominent role of African-American roots in the history of our nation, both socially and musically.


Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

One of the greatest joys of Carolina Chocolate Drops is its sound, which is truly a living, breathing entity of its own making as it continuously grows and evolves as the band members do themselves, individually and collectively.


Carolina Chocolate Drops at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga

One of the most awe inspiring tributes to Carolina Chocolate Drops is that the band is really truly more than a sum of its parts. That it’s about the mission statement of the band itself, being education and keeping the not the individual musicians that partaken in the history of the band. That each member is truly humbled by each other. Working together toward a common goal of educating through entertainment, by not allowing the narrative of the past to be lost.


Full Photo Gallery of Carolina Chocolate Drops



Full Photo Gallery of Grace and Tony



Passion with a twist: Atlanta Ballet gives a praiseworthy performance of Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette

Mercutio, Heath Gill, shares a dance with a Capulet, Abigail Tan-Gamino.

There is never a dull moment in the streets when the Capulets meet the Montagues.

Street fights are the norm for Capulets and Montagues.

Rachel Van Buskirk is outstanding as Juliette’s nurse.


Alessa Rogers captures the essence of Juliette in her praiseworthy performance.

Juliette and her nurse cannot escape Lady Capulet, Christine Winkler, who bears the news of Count Paris’ proposal.

The ball is in full swing in the Capulet’s palace.

Lady Capulet dances with Count Paris, Thom Panto.

A startled Juliette meets Count Paris.

The many belles of the ball.

Tybalt, Jonah Hooper, shares a dance with Lady Capulet.

More masked Capulet revelers.

Juliette retreats to her balcony.


Roméo, Christian Clark, reaches out for Juliette’s attention.

Roméo catches his beloved Juliette.

The young lovers embrace.

The passion of a first kiss.

Boys will be boys … Mercutio has a ‘nursing’ moment..

Friar Laurence, John Welker, performs the ceremony as Juliette’s nurse and the acolytes, Alexandre Barros and Miguel Angel Montoya witness the marriage.

Capulets and Montagues fight in the street.

Even the women take part in the rumble.

The fighting becomes explosive.

Mercutio is killed in the riot.

Tybalt is also killed.

Before fleeing to Mantua, Roméo embraces Juliette.

The lovers say goodbye.

Juliette’s nurse quickly assists her as Lady Capulet approaches.

Friar Laurence gives Juliette a potion to drink that will lead to simulated death. Once buried, she will escape and join Roméo.

The Friar fails to get the message to Roméo, who, crazed by sorrow, kills himself.

Juliette wakes up and painfully realizes what has happened.

Juliette decides to join Roméo in eternal love.
Atlanta Ballet’s performance of Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette can be seen February 7-15, 2014. For details and ticketing information, visit