Alter Bridge, Skillet, and Dirty Honey rock the Playstation Theatre in NYC

Hundreds of people packed the Playstation Theatre in New York City on Tuesday, September 24, for a night of rockin’ out. Alter Bridge and Skillet co-headlined the Victorious Sky Tour with special guest Dirty Honey.

The LA based rockers – Dirty Honey kicked off their set with their song “Scars” off of their self titled EP. Their 6 song set also included: “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7s.”

Skillet, the Tennessee based Christian rock band, performed next and kicked off their set with “Feel Invincible” off their album Unleashed. When performing “You Ain’t Ready” off their new album Victorious, John Cooper, the band’s lead singer wore a suit with Co2 cannons attached to his arms. During both “Awake and Alive” and “Hero” the band’s drummer and vocalist, Jen Ledger, came off her drum kit and sang while not playing drums. John Cooper also took a break during the set before performing “Victorious” to speak about mental health. Throughout their 13 song set they played tracks off of five of their albums.

Alter Bridge closed out the night with a rocking performance. They kicked off their set with “Wouldn’t You Rather” off of their soon to be released sixth album Walk the Sky. The band also performed 2 additional songs off of that album, “In the Deep” and “Pay No Mind.” They closed out their set with some of their classics: “Blackbird”, “Metalingus”, and “Open Your Eyes.”

If you missed the show, you can catch the Victorious Sky Tour around the country on their remaining tour dates. Visit the Alter Bridge’s official website for ticket information.


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CD Review: ‘X-No Absolutes’ by Prong

Prong keep the creative ball rolling on X-No Absolutes. The band’s third studio LP in four years, (fourth if you include the group’s 2015 covers album Songs From The Black Hole) X is a heavy, versatile record with the trio performing at its best. The opening track, “Ultimate Authority,” is signature Prong with a tight groove and crunching guitar. There is a strong sense of confidence from the first note. “Sense of Ease” shows the band reaching back to its hardcore/crossover roots. There are several tempo changes and an off the wall solo that only adds to the madness of the track. The no nonsense riffing on “Cut and Dry” is heavy like a concrete slab on glass. Art Cruz’s jackhammer drumming beats the listener into the ground while Tommy unleashes a sinister lead towards the end of the song. There is a slight industrial influence on the title track. The robotic riffs and electronic samples are a nice change from the hardcore thrash of the earlier tracks. The song does not sound out of place at all, as the band keeps the industrial influence to a minimum. Another highlight is the doom meets djent track “Belief System.” The dowtuned dirgey guitars have a minor Meshuggah feel without sounding like a ripoff. Once again, Prong shows its willingness to try new things and blend subgenres to interesting results.

The biggest strength on X-No Absolutes is the band’s confident attitude. Prong takes musical risks on this record and succeed because of the band’s abilities. Then again, Prong has always thought outside the box since its formation in 1986. However, on this record, the band takes influence from doom, industrial, goth and even pop. The album is not soft in the slightest. Fans will have plenty of tunes to headbang too. However, folks unfamiliar with Prong will probably find a few tracks they will like. Production wise, the record sounds just as good as its previous releases on SPV/Steamhammer. There is no clicking or muffled vocals, nor does one instrument drown out the others.

Prong can add another notch to its belt with X. The songs are heavy, the production strong and the band’s attitude is positive. The band continues to improve after 30 years and that commendable unto itself. This record is a must own and that is an absolute.

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