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Dragon Con Moments 2018

Over 80,000 people descended upon Atlanta on Labor Day weekend for the annual fan convention known as Dragon Con, a gathering of passionate gamers, cosplayers, movie and TV fans, and plenty of celebrity guests.

Standouts this year included Knight Fights, an intense cage match developed by Palmetto Knights, in which two men or women engaged in medieval combat, complete with real suits of armor and weapons such as swords and maces. The fights filled up quickly, and the crowd was loving every minute of it!

The Palmetto Knights also hosted several panels, including Castle Sieges and Battle Tactics, which filled up so fast, they decided to do last minute back to back panels!

Castle Sieges & Battle Tactics


Another highlight was the new board game called “Urban Insanity,” developed by Mic Mell and Larry Grayson. The tabletop game, which is completely unique, centers on building roads, cities and stadiums, and defending them against aliens, mobsters, and of course, other players. Learn more about Urban Insanity by checking out the Kickstarter page.

Dragon Con would not be complete without the amazing celebrities that get up close and personal with their fans, and I was lucky enough to make it into Vic Mignogna‘s panel, in which the beloved voice actor (known for Fullmetal Alchemist, Vampire Knight, and more recently, Star Trek Continues) walked through the crowd answering questions and telling stories.

Vic Mignogna gets up close and personal with fans

Arguably the best part about the con is seeing so many people dressed up as their favorite characters from TV, movies, anime, and games. Below are some standouts this year!


11 Fun and Family Friendly Things to know about Anime Weekend Atlanta

In 2007 my youngest daughter asked me to help her make a costume and take her to Anime Weekend Atlanta. We whipped up cosplay for her favorite Anime at the time, Fruits Basket, and we headed for a one day adventure to AWA. We found a warm and accepting crowd of folks with similar interests and had a blast. The next year, we returned to volunteer at AWA and found it bigger and more wonderful.

Otakus Gather for Anime Weekend Atlanta

Atlanta is a city of fan conventions, and we just had one of the biggest and best in the country in Dragon Con. Atlanta fans know that Dragon Con is followed by a series of great conventions that help to keep fandoms engaged as the convention season comes to an end. For Otaku, Anime Fans, that convention is Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA). But, AWA is more than a local convention for Atlanta Fans, it is one of the largest regional Anime Conventions and one of the oldest and most successful conventions of its type in America. More than that, Anime Weekend Atlanta is a place to explore Anime and have fun!


Founded in 1995, Anime Weekend Atlanta had traveled to a lot of locations before finding its current home in the Cobb Galleria Center, just north of Atlanta in the Vinings area of Cobb County. The location incorporates the convention center itself, and the adjoined hotel, Renaissance Waverly. Sure, AWA started with just one conference room, but it has expanded mightily as attendance swelled to 25,107 in 2015.

Anime Weekend Atlanta distinguishes itself by keeping its focus strictly on Anime. While many of the guests at AWA this year have diverse backgrounds including American animation and videogaming, Anime dominates the programming.

Gaming, of course, is an important part of AWA, and has grown as the convention has grown. Video gaming continues to feature the best in console gaming, while the analog gaming presents a wide range of games including “table­top board games, card games, social games, CCG Tournaments and various Role­Playing Games [RPGs].” I would also expect a LARP or two be happening though, even if they are not part of official programming.

One of the things that makes AWA unique is the Anime Weekend Atlanta Fashion Show. This event doesn’t cover costuming, but rather representations of Japanese Street fashion as interpreted by convention goers. This is a juried event and contestants must apply by mid-August. A high water of Elegant Gothic Lolita community in the Southeast, this event grows in popularity every year.

Costuming! A huge part of AWA is Costuming. Costumers and cosplayers come from around the country to show off their best Anime costuming at AWA. While most of the costuming at AWA celebrates Anime, that is not the whole story. Twenty-four hours a day you will be able to enjoy and take pictures of fantastic costuming covering everything from Ghostbusters to Inayashu to Speed Racer, and all sorts of costumes in between! Remember to bring your camera, but also be polite when requesting a picture from a cosplayer.

AWA has a full guest list this year including: Curtis Arnott, Johnny Yong Bosch, Metamorphose, Sandy Fox, Scott Frerichs, Todd Haberkorn, Lex Lang, Vic Mignogna, Vedetta Marie, and Sarah Anne Williams. These guest will be available in panels and events, as well as many of them signing autographs for their fans for a small fee! Programming at AWA promises to continue a long tradition of being entertaining and enlightening! Apart from the Anime Rooms, Video Art Track (VAT), and gaming rooms, there are panels covering nearly every aspect of Anime, Japanese Culture, and costuming.

Needless to say I am excited about Anime Weekend Atlanta this year! There so much more I more I can talk about! Music and parties! Dealers room and artist alley! Costume Contests and demonstrations! Come join me at AWA to find out for yourself what all the fuss is about!


Pin-ups by the Pool Party DragonCon Style

The annual Pinups at the Pool Party was the hot place to be on Friday, September 2 at DragonCon. Presented by none other than Atlanta’s own, Talloolah Love and hosted by the devilish, Sig Sawyer. The hour long party was in full swing with a bevy of beautiful, geeked out people who were in love with their fandoms and truly embracing all of what it means to participate in DragonCon. From mermaids swimming in the deep end of the pool, to finding Harley Quinn and her cohorts splashing around to the guards of 300. There was a little something at the party for everyone to partake in. Not to mention the secret judges roaming the grounds of the Sheraton’s pool area for the costume contest to find the final five contestants, with one lucky lady taking home the goody bag of gifts. It’s always a blast to come out and see everyone getting lost in a good time, regardless if they are dressed to the nines or in full costume, there is nothing better than spending an hour at this party, surrounded by friends and good times.

Full Photo Gallery of Pin-ups by the Pool Party

Dragon Con 2015: Photo Gallery #1

TAM_DC_2015Sep04_1839 copyKeeping true to the Labor Day weekend tradition, a walk through downtown Atlanta produced visions of aliens, monsters, crime fighters and pretty much anything else the imagination can stir up. That’s right kids, Dragon Con 2015 came to town!

The 4-day event catered to 65,000+ participants, with 45 topical tracks of panels and discussions, varied musical entertainment, multiple dance parties to meet your fancy and all things sci-fi. There was a D&D room available all hours of the day and night for those gamers in need of a quick fix before heading to the next event.

This gallery is a glimpse of what could be seen with a stroll down Peachtree Street.