Cage the Elephant Release New Album “Neon Pill”

Cage The Elephant released Neon Pill, their 6th studio album, on May 17th, 2024 on RCA Records. Lead singer Matthew Shultz says, “To me, Neon Pill is the first record where we were consistently uninfluenced, and I mean that in a positive way. Everything is undoubtedly expressed through having settled into finding our own voice. We’ve always drawn inspiration from artists we love, and at times we’ve even emulated some of them to a certain degree. With this album, having gone through so much, life had almost forced us into becoming more and more comfortable with ourselves. We weren’t reaching for much outside of the pure experience of self expression, and simultaneously not necessarily settling either. We just found a uniqueness in simply existing.”

Listen to Neon Pill here:

Watch the lyric video for first single “Out Loud”

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