Emery and The Almost with Bad Luck. @ Grantski Records

Thursday was the first day of tour for Emery with The Almost and Bad Luck opening for them at Grantski Records in Augusta, GA. It was an afternoon that kicked off with a VIP acoustic performance by The Almost and Emery. The intimate setting allowed the fans to get up close and personal with the bands and hear their music in a more stripped-down, personal way. The acoustic set was a great storytelling experience, and it was perfect for the next generation of Emery fans who were too young to enjoy a night of moshing with their parents.

After the acoustic performance and the rest of the fans poured in, Bad Luck took the stage. They immediately set the tone for the night opening with “Whilloughby“. The crowd danced and sang along to their catchy hooks and infectious melodies throughout their set.

Next up was The Almost, who opened with their powerful hit “Southern Weather.” The band’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, with Aaron Gillespie’s powerful vocals and the band’s tight musicianship. The fans were in awe as they played hits like “Amazing Because It Is” and “Say This Sooner.” The crowd erupted with the cover of Underoath’s “Reinventing Your Exit” when Emery’s Josh Head joined them on stage, but is it really a cover if it’s your other band’s song?

The crowd was still buzzing with energy when Emery took the stage with “The Note From Which A Chord Is Built” and went absolutely wild. The band’s performance was intense and emotional, with the lead singer’s powerful vocals and the band’s intricate melodies. Their setlist was a celebration of their album, “The Weak’s End” marking its 20th anniversary ending with their heaviest and most popular track “Walls.”

Each band brought their own unique energy and style to the stage, and the crowd was left wanting more. It was a night that the fans will never forget. It was a great start to what is sure to be an epic tour!

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