Joyce Manor @ Grantski Records

Joyce Manor with Liquid Mike @ Grantski Records

Growing up in Augusta, GA, at the height of the city’s pop punk and hardcore scene walking into Grantski Records this Sunday I couldn’t help but reminisce about the thriving music scene of the mid-2000s at Sector 7g. I witnessed the same vibrancy and passion at Grantski Records. The venue’s intimate setting creates a special atmosphere that was truly unique and made seeing Liquid Mike and Joyce Manor feel all the more special.

Liquid Mike, who came all the way from Michigan, opened the concert with a fantastic set that got everyone on their feet, with their unique blend of indie and garage rock. They played songs from their latest release “Paul Binyon’s Slingshot” featuring a favorite of mine “Town Ease.”

The California indie punk veterans Joyce Manor took the stage with their high-energy and raw emotion causing the room to erupt. The crowd was singing along to every word to hits like “Falling in Love Again” and “Heart Tattoo“. Barry Johnson, the lead vocalist, has a way of connecting with the audience that makes every moment feel like he’s singing directly to you, especially with the raw energy of “Constant Headache.” The rest of the band members are also such incredibly talented musicians who put on a truly engaging and impressive performance every time they take the stage.

It was truly an unforgettable night and performance from both Liquid Mike and Joyce Manor. I’m happy to see that the Augusta, GA music scene is thriving, and Grantski Records is a testament to that. It’s clear that the city has been missing a good venue and live music, and Grantski Records has filled that void. Can’t wait for the next one!

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