Album Review: “Sound & Fury” by Dust Bolt

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Dust Bolt’s fourth album, Trapped in Chaos, showed the German thrash band experimenting with its sound while retaining an aggressive edge. That edge is severely blunted on its newest release, Sound & Fury. Dust Bolt slow it down this time, opting for groove-laden songs with less than stellar results. The album starts strong with “Leave Nothing Behind,” with its stop-start circular pattern and tight riffs. Vocalist Lenny Bruce shifts from harsh to clean vocals, which fit the track. “I Witness” starts promising with its galloping riff and pummeling drums before settling into a mid-tempo groove for the track’s duration. It is one of the better tracks on the record, but the band is obviously holding back.

Things get monotonous on “I Am the One” which sounds like a lo-fi 80s glam metal track. “Burning Pieces” floats into alt-rock/nu-metal territory with its simple bouncy riff and electronic samples. The title track is a slow, bass heavy affair, with soft vocals to create a sense of urgency that falls flat. “You Make Me Feel Nothing” is the longest track on the record. It opens with a haunting riff that quiets while Lenny quips over the bass line. It features some good riffs, but fails to capture a dark mood. The album closer “Little Stone” is a four minute long mawkish ballad the ends record on a flat note.

Sound & Fury is Dust Bolt’s weakest album. The band hinted at a musical change in direction on its previous release, but it has virtually cut its thrash metal roots. “New Flame” is the only fast song on Fury and it is watered down compared to the band’s past discography. This album is a mix of half-hearted groove and nu-metal with a tinge of ’80s hair metal. It is reminiscent of albums thrash bands released in the ’90s that delved into grunge and industrial territory. Perhaps Dust Bolt was destined to do the same and release an album that will surely polarize fans. Fans of the band can check out Sound & Fury, but that fury is muffled.

Check out the band’s official website here: https://dustbolt.com/

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