Midview just dropped their new single “Radiant”

Ohio’s Midview has just dropped their highly anticipated debut single, “Radiant”, featuring Brandon Sorrell of Rose Crest, the song is currently streaming across all digital streaming platforms. The alternative pop-punk band hopes to use the release as a calling card for new fans and as a way to establish their sound.

Of the single, the band says “We all hoped to bring forth the perfect mesh from each of our individual influences to combine and create something special. I think we’re on the right path. This single is a long time coming for us, we started over our old band and rebranded from scratch and we’re almost 2 years deep and are finally ready to ship people what we’ve been cooking up!”

The track was mixed & mastered by Shaun O’Shaughnessy, with tracking by O’Shaugnessy and Numskull Media.

Listen to “Radiant” on Spotify Now:

Formed from the remnants of two beloved local bands, Overbite and Raised by Wolves, Midview brings together experienced musicians who share a deep passion for creating energetic and infectious music. With their unique fusion of genres, they have carved out a distinctive place in the music landscape, captivating fans with their infectious hooks, driving rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists, Midview creates a sonic experience that resonates with fans of Belmont, 4 Year Strong, and The Story So Far. Their music strikes the perfect balance between melodic pop punk anthems, intricate prog-inspired arrangements, ethereal shoegaze textures, and hard-hitting heaviness.

Midview is a dynamic 5-piece, keeping listeners on their toes with their captivating blend of pop punk with some heavier touches – sure to make you want to move. Bringing a song to the table that is full of emotion, driving rhythm, and a catchy melody… it’s bound to resonate with fans of Belmont, The Story So Far, and Four Years Strong.

Check the single out now on YouTube:

Midview is:
Matt Schetter- Vocals
Nicholas Foley- Bass/Backing Vocals
Kyle McDowell- Guitar/Backing Vocals
Justin Todd- Guitar
Jeremy Baer-Drums

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