Video: Satellite Citi Release New Single “Anxious Hearts”

“Anxious Hearts,” the new single from LA’s Satellite Citi, is an upbeat rock track on the surface, yet it focuses on something deeper; the trials of anxiety. Lead vocalist/drummer Anna Gevorkian and her husband, Shaunt Sulahian, are both passionate about mental health awareness and combating stigma, which drives the new single.

“Anxiety always taking over me when I try to fall asleep” is a very relatable lyric, and against her excellent drumming and the guitar work from Shaunt, the frustration of anxiety really comes through in Anna’s strong vocals. The song addresses anxiety as if it were a person with lyrics such as, “You’ve gone too far this time and you’re poisoning my mind,” and “You can’t take the rest of me. Why don’t you just set me free?”

The song’s breakdown, which proclaims “Anxious hearts are beating/bleeding, don’t run away; you’ll beat it” is a chant-worthy line that gives a little piece of mind to the listener, like a musical hug. Satellite Citi’s music has been viewed 1 million+ times, across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Watch the new video below!

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