Album Review: “Bloodmoon” by Kerrigan

Teutonic trio Kerrigan unleash a barrage of old school metal on its debut album, Bloodmoon. Clean vocals, anthemic choruses, blasts of speed metal and shredding guitar leads are abundant on this album. ”Eternal Fire” opens the albums in fiery fashion with its pummeling drums and Maiden like riffs. The guitar tone and vocals are very reminiscent of Haunt, but Kerrigan is no carbon copy. Both bands are cut from the same cloth, with a love for melody and harmony with a dose of aggression. “Eternal Fire” sets the tone for the album’s duration. The title track commences with classical, intricate riffing that build up with the drums before breaking into a mid-tempo groove. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) influence is heavily present on this track with its fantastical lyrics and complex guitar phrasing.

“Against The Westwind” is the first of two seven minute long epics on Bloodmoon. The track’s driving percussion and tenacious riffs would make Dio proud. “Forces of Night” is a punkish headbanging tune akin to Exciter or pre-Dickinson Maiden. The guitar harmonics are top quality while the lead is icing on a bloody cake. “Hold The Banner” is another mid-tempo track with vocalist Jonas Weber wailing the chorus like a banshee from hell. Album closer “The Mesmerizer” is the second epic on this album with the song dealing with a dastardly being which the track is named after. It is a fitting conclusion to the album.

Kerrigan are a musically gifted trio, that has done its heavy metal homework. The guitar riffs, phrasing and leads are reminiscent of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, and a tiny pinch of hair metal. However, the band’s modern take on this sub-genre is refreshing and the music avoids parody. Bloodmoon has very little drag, which is important for an album with only eight tracks. The songs are dynamic and energetic, with strong production that again reminds me of Haunt.

Bloodmoon is a solid debut album that will grow on listeners. The album will instantly remind folks of Haunt upon first listen. However, Kerrigan has a sound of its own that it will refine on future albums. Metalheads that want to hold the banner should check this album out.

Check out the band’s page for news and merch: https://www.facebook.com/Kerriganheavymetal

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