Duo RedCult Announce Themselves With Bombastic Debut Single

Extreme Metal band REDCult has released their debut single, the powerful  “Severed”. This marks the first single and lyric video from the new endeavor of Greg Haberek and Zack Robin. “Severed” comes at you full force with a wall of energy and fierce metal aggression.


The goal with writing severed was to create some of the craziest most technical metal that I’ve ever made,” says Zack Robin. “I currently play in a rock band, and as much as I love the music and those guys, I have a side of me that needs to play heavy music, and severed, was my outlet for it.


 On the intensity and heaviness of “Severed”, he continues: “The goal was to be an all-out audio assault on the listeners’ ears. Never wanted the song to let up with constant fast drums constant fast guitars with the intensity of vocals to match it. It really has been a lot of fun producing this track and getting to write stuff in the style of the bands influenced me. The influence and drive behind writing such an intense track was from the anger and sense of wronging that I felt from past projects. When you pour years of your life into a project only for it to be driven into the ground, it can really ignite a fire inside you, and all of that creative energy was focused into what is now severed.

“Lyrically, the song is about severing yourself from the fake people, things and distractions in your life,” adds Greg Haberek. “Too many people have given away their power to false idols or deities and neglected the true power within. This song is a cry for remembrance. Knowing who you are and never letting others dim your shine again.”


Severed” is written, performed, and recorded by Greg Haberek (Vocals, Drums) and Zack Robin (Guitar, Bass). The track was mixed and mastered by Jordan Beal (Veil of Maya). RedCult will be releasing singles over a span of time with intentions to culminate into an EP or LP experience eventually. 

Severed” is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. The video is ultimately an intro to a cult-themed video series in which RedCult will visually show the experience of the lyrical narratives. Listen to the single on Spotify or on YouTube below:

With a name based on a shadow religion in video game lore, REDCult takes the deep symbolism and mysticism surrounding the blood god-worshiping sect and applies it to life in modern day. We see now that with these times it would seem like a god based on sacrifice and war to bring prosperity seems very applicable to life in 2023. “The lyrics of salvation through revolution and worship of a blood sun are metal AF and we just love the imagery and deep dive into a rabbit hole. “


The brutal musicianship of Zack Robin (New Dilemma) and malevolent vocals of Greg Haberek (The Body Rampant, Will They Follow?) breathe life into a world of ritualistic macabre and the occult. The first single from this project “Severed” speaks into existence the act of walking away from all forms of material and mental shackles to embrace the power held within.

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