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Cheer Up Dusty Continue Winning Streak With “Legacy”

Cheer Up Dusty is a pop-punk band with a brand new track called “Legacy”. The song mixes pop punk and alternative rock while providing plenty of catchy moments. The band has also used this opportunity to announce their upcoming EP.

Legacy is our first single off our new EP and the first song we filmed a music video for. While it was being made it was quickly deemed a stronger song we wanted to push as far as we could. The funny thing about it is it’s the most unprepared song we had going into the studio, it was just a riff from Brayan really that in the studio we all brought to life collectively to the point at the end we somewhat forgot how it even started.” Says Cheer Up Dusty about their new release. On its importance to themselves, they continue, “ The song means a lot personally because ultimately the legacy we leave as a band when all said and done is most important. I hope people can listen to this song and whatever their life goal or passion is they’ll think about it and go, “I can do this”.”

Legacy is written and performed by Cheer Up Dusty, with additional writing credits by Paul Berthold. Production credits are lead by Pete Zen, with Assistant Producer credits by Mikey Lince. 

The song is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Cheer Up Dusty had the following to say about the video for Legacy: ”Making the video for Legacy turned into one of the most organic things we’ve done together. We had the pleasure of shooting at Bob’s Diner in Philadelphia. We have family ties with the diner and got to film after closing on a cloudy Sunday in February. We went in just us, our friend/photographer Eric, a few friends/family members came as extras and we just had a fun day getting shots. No agenda, no stress, no bullshit. I remember leaving and everyone was in a good mood and you know you did well when you spend hours unloading setting up and packing up and you’re still smiling.”  Listen to the single on Spotify or on YouTube below.

Cheer Up Dusty is an electrifying four-piece rock ensemble established in 2019 by the talented vocalist, Justin Humenik. The band’s distinctive sound is characterized by forceful vocals, irresistible hooks, and robust instrumentation, as demonstrated in their popular release, “Everybody Hates Me.”


The band’s inception can be traced back to Justin Humenik using music as a therapeutic outlet. Early on, he collaborated with Nick Silvidio, now the band’s rhythm guitarist, to produce their debut EP. However, the pandemic temporarily halted their progress. Despite the setback, the band eventually welcomed bassist Pat Desiato and released engaging music videos in support of their work. Amidst the pandemic, Cheer Up Dusty launched their second EP, “A Collection of Singles,” and joined forces with guitarist Brayan Marin.


In March 2022, the band made waves with their unforgettable single, “Everybody Hates Me,” which garnered widespread attention across the Northeast. Soon after, Caleb Kerr joined as a full-time drummer, solidifying the band’s lineup. Cheer Up Dusty then went on to support GoalKeeper and Driveways during a spring weekender, eventually headlining the Homies Tour alongside Promise Game.

Cheer Up Dusty Is:

Justin Humenik – Vocalist

Brayan Marin – Guitarist

Nick Silvidio – Rhythm Guitarist

Caleb Kerr – Drummer

Pat Desiato – Bassist 

Connect With Cheer Up Dusty:       
Linktree / Spotify / Instagram

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