BOGWROUGHT Releases Melodic Metalcore Single “MONARCH”

Middleborough, MA metalcore band Bogwrought has released their newest intricate single, “Monarch”. The song is about an unhealthy obsession from a toxic person and displays an array of impressive metalcore elements, along with more grounded-based lyrical content.

“The lyrics are not common to what we usually write about, which is more fantasy based,” says Bogwrought singer and guitarist Carrie and Matthew (respectively). “But we developed an overall lore/story for our upcoming album in that while on this voyage each song represented a nightmare or delusion that a crewmate on the ship would experience. The song is about an unhealthy obsession from a toxic person. An example of how not to be. Always on the edge of being nice but overcome with frustration and anger when their “love” goes unrequited.”

The band also speaks to the intricacies of “Monarch” bringing them together tighter as an outfit. “Monarch was originally composed by our drummer Tim Cunningham before the conception of Bogwrought. When we started the band everyone was coming back to playing music after a long break. While writing songs together we were able to improve our skills and songwriting. Monarch is the 5th song we worked on together as a band and was the most difficult to play together. We struggled to keep in time with harmonies and transitions but because we were dedicated it really pulled us together as bandmates. I believe this song helped solidify our bonds as partners in songwriting and playing”

“Monarch” was mixed and mastered by Chris Idzal, is being released by DI Records, and is part of their upcoming album Voyage set to release at the end of 2023, in which it is the third single. The song is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it on YouTube below:

Bogwrought is a 5-piece band with their studio between the swamps and cranberry bogs of Middleborough, Massachusetts. All of the members have different musical backgrounds and influences. The band is comprised of Tim Cunningham on drums, Cyrenus Paquin on bass, Zak Welch on lead guitar, Matthew Benoit on rhythm guitar, and Carrie Brum (formerly Rocco LaVita) as the lead vocalist.

“We love playing live music and as we grow in experience on that front, we will be adding more theatrics to our performances. We want to provide the audience with a unique experience and love interacting with our fans. Crafting the right blend of songs for each show is part of the art of live performance and we aim to keep things fresh each time we play live.” says the band.  Bogwrought will be performing at Hail Mary Jane Fest – on April 22, 2023. Cherry Street Station, in Wallingford CT. 

Bogwrought Is:

Carrie Brum – Lead Vocals
Zak Welch – Lead Guitar
Tim Cunningham – Drums
Matthew Benoit – Rhythm Guitar
Cyrenus Paquin – Bass

Connect With Bogwrought:       
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