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Alternative Rock Band Has Released A New Single

Richmond, VT Alternative Rock band Vallory Falls has released their newest single, “Rosie”. Following up their first two energetic releases, “Rosie” carries the same degree of deeply personal and metaphorical meanings in the lyrics. Slick guitar play and pulsingly rhythmic drums accompany the story behind the song.

Thematically, the track is about exploring the concept of the “Nuclear Family” myth.“It’s a window into a mid-century divorce scenario,” explains the band. “It emphasizes the tragedy of that myth, disguised under catchy riffs and a yearning melody.” 

“Rosie” is the band’s third single since formation, which was self-produced in vocalist/guitarist Tristan Gilliss’ studio, Sky Audio, and mastered by Robot Dog Studios owner and VT native Ryan Cohen. “Rosie” is being released by 3/10/23, and is the first of three singles to be released, all of which to be expected to be included on their upcoming debut full length album.

The song is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to the single on Spotify (hyperlink) or watch on YouTube below.

allory Falls is an alternative rock outfit based out of Richmond, Vermont.  The band brings diverse backgrounds to the table: Danny, from Michigan, has been in everything from metal, Hardcore punk, and rock bands. Riley Burridge (they/them) calls Vermont home and has extremely diverse interests in music, ranging from Psychedelic to Ska to Folk.  Tristan Gilliss is a Massachusetts native whose musical interest is primarily in alternative, grunge, and pop punk.

To date, the two singles which Vallory Falls have released have garnered the attention of local legend and radio man Tim Lewis, with regular radio play on his internet radio show.

The brainchild of Gilliss back in 2020, Vallory Falls was meant to be a more thoughtful, introspective version of the prototypical blink-182-inspired pop punk of his high school days. The name is a double meaning: “Vallory”, as an unusual spelling of the female name “Valerie”, is meant to represent a girl at the peak of innocence – with “Falls” representing an understanding that such innocence no longer exists. “Vallory Falls” was also conceived as a place, unadulterated by man but forever hidden, thus representing a seemingly unattainable bliss.

Vallory Falls Is:
Tristan Gilliss – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Daniel “Danny” Lecours – Vocals / Bass
Riley Burridge – Drums

Connect With Vallory Falls:
Linktree / Spotify / Instagram

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