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MESSMAKER Has Just Dropped A Music Video For “Paying Attention”

Alternative Indie Rock duo MESSMAKER has just dropped a music video for its latest single, the slickly produced, anthemic modern rock track “Paying Attention”, and we are proud to say that they have agreed to exclusively premiere it with Music Crowns!

The video features the duo performing, mixed with footage of a classic tv displaying signs of protests over the last several years with those from a hypothetical “March For Apathy”.

There’s this idea that the opposite of good isn’t evil, it’s apathy. We wanted to explore that concept through the visual language of protest signs.” explains the band, whose performance portion of the video was entirely self-shot in their own dining room. 

Lyrically, the song is a call to arms about not shutting yourself off from societal issues, but facing them head-on. “Today, more than any other point in history, the injustices and inequities baked into the human experience are on display,” says MESSMAKER. “Yet so many people – and we certainly don’t exclude ourselves from this criticism – find it easier to close our doors and try to shut it all out. But things don’t get better if you ignore them.”

Watch the video now, exclusively on Music Crowns.

Aggressively catchy melodies pair with soul-filled lyrics in MESSMAKER’s refreshing take on indie rock. Lighting up stages as a power duo, musical architect Michael McFarland and versatile percussionist Freja McNeal bring the energy of an arena show to every performance. Garnering comparisons to acts such as Panic At the Disco and Bastille, McFarland’s songwriting is frank, expressive, and clever, and joined by McNeal the Cleveland, Ohio-based act elevates the material on stage with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Showing a maturity of style and sound that has developed through years of travel, relationships, heartbreaks, and reinventions, MESSMAKER’s music contains talent, passion, and lyrics that come from the heart. The result? A big, bright, and lovestruck slice of anthemic indie rock.

“Paying Attention” sees MESSMAKER’s Michael McFarland (lead vocals and guitar), and Freja McNeal (drums, samples, and vocals), joined by Eric Bertagnolli of Eric Bert Audio (Percussion, Co-Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer) and Steven Charles (Co-Writer).  “Paying Attention” is now available across all major streaming platforms.  Catch up with MESSMAKER on their LinkTree.

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