FAIRSHAKE Releases Aggressive Alt Rock Track

“Today I am so grateful to be alive,” says vocalist Shayne Goss, of the Atlanta alt-rock duo Fairshake. “I’m so grateful for my catalyst showing me how to be there for myself when my world turned upside down, when I felt abandoned, lied to, and suffered this immense loss of identity.” Faishake has released their newest track, the captivating single “Face”. The song is a straight-ahead alt-rock banger, featuring Goss’ world-weary vocals and an anthemic chorus perfect for modern rock radio.

Thematically, “Face” goes deeper than “ Let that sh*t go”. The song was written in victim consciousness, in the realization that often the parties involved also feel like victims. About the song, the band says  “Have you ever heard the saying “Hurt People, Hurt People”? We all have an ego/identity in our mind/body/spirit complex which is a Face of a character we are so convinced that we are because we have been collecting experiences, trauma, likes, dislikes, and judgments on everything that we hear, feel, see. It all gets stored in our subconscious from the time of birth. Then we walk around with beliefs based on our experiences which is a program of this character you think you are. Why are we giving away our power to others’ projections, our own limiting beliefs, and being propelled into each moment based on stored trauma & fear? This only keeps you trapped in your hellish illusion. “

The band also touched on the dual meaning of the word “Face” as used in the song. “It’s the irony of the masks or different characters we wear, that can be changed through our own conscious or subconscious will. “Face” also represents the strength it takes to go inward and slay one’s own dragon, going from victim to hero consciousness because our fear is only our own illusion and our own responsibility. No one can save you from your own dragon.” 

“Face” is a single from Fairshake’s upcoming record, High Risk, and was recorded at Space Jockey Sound by Jeremy Nichols, Charlie Pinkard (writer/guitars for @wearedim) & Ben Cato (percussion for DIM, former The Dangerous Summer). The single artwork was designed by Elijah Richards, graphic designer & bassist of DIM (@elijah_richards)  “Face” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or on YouTube below.

About the band: Fairshake; In this moment you are judgment free, and stand in your purest form and Truth. A realization that we are here to heal from experiences and surrender into your highest form. You create your life from here on.

This never-ending journey with Shayne Goss since 2008 has been accompanied by many talented artists who have shared this vibration over the years. Fairshake has experienced genre changes as the project has evolved, especially after inducting Tucker Harding and Chase Sammons in the fall of 2017.

The project coming from emotionally charged singer-songwriter roots with pop melodies has grown very naturally into the alternative rock, punk, and dare we say “emo” music that we all grew up on and love.

Fasirshake Is:

Tucker Harding (guitar, vocals)

Shayne Goss (guitar Vocals)

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