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STFLR Return With Harborless

Long Island, NY pop-punk band STFLR just dropped their latest single, “Harborless”. The track kicks off with some overly saturated riffs and double-time drums, reminiscent of 90s skate punk before giving way to a more full-time feel. The single balances a line somewhere between melodic punk and the more hard-edged approach of hardcore, including a pretty gnarly breakdown section that transitions effortlessly into a beautiful, instrumental outro.

Lyrically, the song discusses themes of depression and despair. “The song deals with about how insignificant you can feel,” explains the band. “How you don’t care about anything when you’re at your darkest moments and you just feel like leaving everything behind. It is also about regret and how missed opportunities can haunt you.

Forming in 2019, STFLR started as a hobby between high school friends that quickly turned into something more. Members of the band had been playing in various bands for over a decade, but STFLR felt special. “When we started the writing process for STFLR, and ideas started forming, we decided to take the band seriously,” says the band, whose music ranges from traditional pop-punk into different subgenres of the scene, “We have the policy where we write what sounds good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pop-punk riff, a hardcore riff, or a beatdown riff. If it sounds good we will find a way to make it work.

Finding a way to make it work hasn’t always come easy for the band. Each of the members holds down a full-time job, wives, and most have children. With that in mind, STFLR makes the most out of the time they have together. “We really can only work out songs one or twice a month for 2 hours at a time,” explains the band. “So when we do write and record we bust our ass because our time is so precious.

So far, the formula has worked, culminating in 2021’s A Collection Of Bad Ideas EP, which saw the band headlining an EP release show at Amityville Music Hall. “It was our first time headlining a show at Amityville Music Hall, and all our friends came out to make it a truly special show.

“Harborless” is the first single of STFLR’s new release cycle. The song was recorded at Westfall Studios by Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte (Moon Tooth) in Farmingdale, New York. STFLR is currently working on a batch of new songs set for release later in the year. With a newfound focus, drive, and passion, STFLR  still has something left to say.

“Harborless” is currently streaming across all Digital Streaming Platforms. Listen to the single now on Spotify or on YouTube below.

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