Indie Song of the Week: The Weather by Your Paris

Laila Kharouba and Nick Babcock make up the duo Your Paris

There are a lot of songs about breakups out there, so it can be hard, especially as a new artist, to stand out from the crowd. With “The Weather,” pop duo Your Paris manages to bring a fresh take on the subject, focusing on that awkward state after the fact in which you tend to bunker down and ignore phone calls from friends, desperate to talk about anything other than your romantic life.

Laila Kharouba’s dreamy voice aches with this desire as she pleads, “Can we just talk about the weather?” and reminisces about her lost love. As the other half of the story, Nick Babcock’s smooth, R&B tinged vocals echo that sentiment, as he ponders whether or not to call his ex and ultimately decides against it.

But perhaps the most relatable line of the song, “I’ve been crying on the closet floor and getting stoned,” hits the realism of breakups better than most.

Your Paris, which has been self-declared “Ariana Grande meets Fleetwood Mac,” has yet to make a full length album, but has released several singles since forming just before the Covid pandemic hit. Check out the link below to stream “The Weather” and more!

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