A Night of Jams with The English Beat and guest The Instructors

Photo Gallery at the end of the article. All photos by Julie Lott for TAM

The night of November 1 had a relaxing calm to it as the city of Atlanta recovered from the long party night that is Halloween. Rain was predicted for the night, with light showers slowing creeping in. The Masquerade had a lackadaisical vibe as patrons streamed in to find their respective show. All three venues at the Masquerade were booked, however, the real action for the night was found in Heaven.

Gracing us with their presence was the legendary band The English Beat comprised of the one and only Dave Wakeling and a cast of new members that help bring the classic sound of this British band to life. The crowd in attendance was a mix of older cats, a smattering of people that seemed foreign compared to the usual crowd seen at the Masquerade, all of them waiting to relive their teenage years of listening to albums of The English Beat. It seemed that their positive vibes helped stave off the rain, or it may have just been the sky weeping a tear of joy to see The English Beat perform once again. No more rain came after music took over the night.

As their plus one to the party that evening, The Instructors, a reggae funk band hailing from Atlanta, played the role of breaking the ice for The English Beat as an opener. Their three-piece band really fills a room with sound, each instrument adding a unique quality to their music. Their groove is on point and something to witness in person as The Instructors add pizzazz to their live shows that cannot be captured in a record. Definitely, a band that puts smiles on faces.

The moment The English Beat hit the stage, the crowd lit up with hoots and hollers. When Dave was spotted, these hoots and hollers kicked it up a notch into a roaring cheer. It was almost like the crowd was greeting an old friend. After some playful banter, Dave led the band on a journey of music that took the crowd back to a time when their troubles were all but nonexistent. Every member of the band was in sync, taking cues from one another to keep their set tight. The movement on stage was echoed by the crowd as the sea of aging rockers were jamming out, adding a cohesive vibe between the crowd and the band. King Schascha, the new Toaster for the band, displayed why his name is King. His vocals were solid, bringing a tasty twist to the classics of The English Beat. Schascha, like the rest of the new members of The English Beat, the new blood adds in a contemporary take on classics of The English Beat, making for a new sound built on the foundation of legendary talent. It’s hard to do the band justice in writing, so I recommend catching them live on their tour.

Photo Gallery – Nov 1 – The Instructors at The Masquerade

Photo Gallery – Nov 1 – The English Beat at The Masquerade

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